Friday, December 5, 2008


This blog has been like a baby to me, but (obviously) Mommy has a serious case of blogging ADD, and decided to switch over to Tumblr. I'll keep this blog open for occasional product reviews and such, but the majority of my blogging will be done there. Catch you on the dark side!

Really Obsessed With: T Mobile G1 Phone


If there was an award given to the best phone destroyer, don't even think about competing with me. I have: dropped them in the toilet/sink/sewer/soup, lost them in a cab/Wisconsin/bookstore and have marred the screen, scuffed the case, broken the buttons and damaged the hardware to more phones than I can remember. Just after I lost my fourth phone of the year (seriously), Glam sent me the T Mobile G1 to test out for a month...and guys? I think I'm in love. It's a half touch screen with a keypad that flips out so wishy-washy types like me don't have to choose between iPhone minimalism, or Blackberry tactility. It's also got a slew of free applications, YouTube playing capabilities, sharp graphics, a sleek case, and this amazing amazing Guitar-heroish game that plays Rick Astley songs. Ack. So far, I've had the thing for three weeks and there's nary a scratch to be seen! Maybe true love does conquer all...