Saturday, August 30, 2008

Really Obsessed With: Priestess Clothing


It's funny how someone's style can drift so much in such a short amount of time. Last year around this time, I was all about the cutesy, matchy thrift-store look (wouldn't be caught dead in anything dark and twisted), and today, I've ALL about the sculptural, modern pieces that I eschewed not so long ago. Priestess' clothes are perfect for the here and now, and designer Cody Ross has basically perfected the architectural femme-fatale thing that I love so much. Alas, his show at Fashion Week is going to be when I'm still on the plane (September 4th--via Expose NY), but Cody promised me a dress-up play date! Expect lots of giddy pictures, lovely readers!


ross and jenna said...

ohh a dress up play date would be so fun!

FashionSqueah! said...

It's funny how much your style can change in one year isn't it? It's especially noticeable when you're a blogger, I guess! Char x

Candice said...

wow the clothes are so space invaderish


S said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I have to say I think it's fabulous! I would love to do a link trade :)

The Comet said...

Divine... Reminds me of snake jewelry and that fabulous necklace/belt/headpiece that you sported this summer. xo

la petite fashionista said...

ooh dress up with the designer sounds like lots of fun! :D cant wait to see pictures

Nicole Then said...

Connie, I really love your blog! love the way you design your pictures.

can we exchange links?

courtney said...

ahh i JUST now saw your preview jonathan saunders picture on your other blog! i can't express how much MORE excited that made me, until i saw these (, which made me a little less excited. i wish they looked a little bit more like his last line.

LML said...

those are FIERCE!

liswon said...


Jill Sherman said...

can't wait to see your play date pics ;)

Anonymous said...

hey i know you loved theme parties... so a post on a classy way to do "ceos and office hos"????????


erika said...

Totally agree with you... everyone is changing towards this style!

g said...

love your blog!!

come check out my blog! `=)

Jiyeh said...

not to sound like a COMPLETE creeper but i'm pretty sure i saw you in the tents at nyfw... anyways, come back!

kels said...

You and I both know that everyone loves a good theme party. And with the granddaddy of theme parties approaching, I think a post on unique, fashionable, non-skanky costumes is in order.

Shop Therapy said...

That neckpiece on the left is fab! where are those dress up pics!?

seralouise said...

my style changes post to post as it changed day to day . like characters (im gonna be vintage, im gonna be sexy, im gonna be proffesional..) but i love these clothes here!

Chloe's Chic Conception said...

I love this style - especially the black outfit on the very right...

Gryphon said...

these clothes would make me feel like grace jones. amado mio!

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the iron chic said...

I sell his stuffed bracelets at my store....maybe I should go for the necklaces too!

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