Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fresh Junk: Topshop Platforms


While I generally agree that Forever21 is the Topshop of the United States, it really doesn't compare with our Euro friends when it comes to unique, fashion-forward designs. While Forever21 usually is a cheap carbon copy of runway favorites, Topshop's merchandise always has a bit of originality (although it's plenty inspired). Case in point: these shoes. You can totally see the Marni and Prada flavors, but it's not a total duplicate. Absolutely cannot wait for the Topshop store to open in NY this fall.


C.Lo said...

this reminds me of how target is opening all those little shops in ny next month. you should write about how jonathan saunders is the next GO designer for oct, after richard chai, because i will be buying out EVERYTHING

connie said...

Oh yes, I heard! I AGREE. Actually, good idea--I'm hopping on that post RIGHT ABOUT NOW.

connie said...

Ack, didn't realize the press images haven't come out yet. Whoops.

Kasey said...

Yeah it is the forever 21 or europe but on style crack! I heart Topshop

LML said...

ooooh! i would like some of those :)

soilikethelike said...

those orange ones are insane..i am in love
& can't wait to take a trip up to new york this fall!

Richel said...

I want those shoes. Must have them.

Jenny H. said...

these are incredible.
ahh i love topshop.

my dad lives in england so i always order clothes online to be shipped to him and then when he comes to america to see me he brings me a bigg stack of goodies.

love the blog!

Some Notes on Napkins said...

love this post!

Caroline said...

that orange pair?! ah! i nver knew i needed an orange pair of shoes until now.

evie said...

true. topshop shoes are pretty amazing even if sometimes very designer inspired...

Zoë said...

omgosh what fabulous shoes!!!

Chloe,,* said...

Topshop is awesome and is full of really pretty things that are all pretty original :)

Sif Pumpkin T. Wagner said...

i love the black one!

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F21 is the TopShop of the USA... but I must say TopShop beats f21 by faaaaaaaaaar.

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