Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just Purchased: Vintage Whiting and Davis Necklace


Fellow summer intern Sanhita and I made our way to Chelsea to thrift mecca Housing Works this morning. She had managed to score a Botkier handbag there a month ago for something ridiculous like $5, so needless to say, I was a little anxious to see what I could find for myself. But of course, like every other activity that involved any bit of planning on my part, we were foiled and the store was closed when we arrived. But not all hope was lost: a cute costume jewelry shop was open right across the street and I zeroed right in on the raddest, most incredible necklace I've ever seen. True, the price was a little steep ($45), but the shopkeeper said it was vintage Whiting and Davis from the '40s that they copped from an estate sale. And you readers should by now that if there's any one person whose style I'd most want to emulate, it's wealthy old little ladies wrapped in fox-furs who reek of muskoils and Sidecars.


Louise said...

love that necklace! very statement-y but simple at the same time. i see you're a teen vogue intern! lucky! i want to intern in nyc next summer, but would i have to rent an apartment for 3 months? how do you guys do it?

Louise said...
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connie said...

Hey louise! Casey and I applied for summer housing through NYU and they let you stay for as long as you'd like over the summer. But make sure you apply early--spots go fast (ignore the infomercial voice, please)

Jiyeh said...

cuuuute! i have the worst luck with finding decent vintage items!

Chelsea Rae said...

I love that necklace, and there is no problem at all with dressing like a wealthy, old, fox fur clad woman.

I hate when plans fall through, but there's always the light at the end of the tunnel aka a really rad necklace!

Ayesha said...

that necklace reminds me somewhat of a snake, in a very, very cool way, lol. old ladies are way hip, no denying it.

Katlin at Urple said...

Don't you love finding unique vintage pieces! I'm digging how the necklace curls and winds! Can you shape it in different ways and does it stay that way?

connie said...

Ooh I thought it was a snake too when I picked it up! I've been playing around with it the past couple days and I've worn it
- As a choker
- As a belt
- As a bolo necklace
- Like it is

Ack. I love pieces like this.

Anonymous said...

I think you have a knack for finding the coolest things.

Britt B said...

oh my gosh what an amazing find! simply gorgeous

* f l u f f * said...

brilliant necklace!

That Girl said...

good buy


LML said...

really unique and pretty!
im jealous of all your NYC vintage finds!

Thu said...

hi, i found your blog through teen vogue and have really enjoyed reading it. i've been checking back often! :] that necklace is like, major blingage. reminds me of a snake, kind of?? anyways, please link me if possible. thanks!

Lo said...

I have avery similar one. It's a belt though.

Anonymous said...

oh i think i saw you today by spring and lafeyette!

bastylefilegirl said...

Smart buy now everyone will ask "where'd you get the necklace" and you can roll your eyes and say it's vintage darrrrrrrrrrrrling, you know one of a kind!

Secretista said...

Price is a little steep, but who cares it's fabuloso!

connie said...

Haha! It probably WAS me--I live right by that area! Come say hello next time!

Rice and Beans Vintage Clothing said...

I love that belt! I have a very similar Whiting & Davis one for sale at Rice and Beans vintage! Nice score.

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