Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Extra Baggage: Radar Article


If you folks are wondering what I'm busy doing over at Radar, check out my newest article up on Celebrity Baggage.

Really Obsessed With: Colorblock Steve Maddens


THESE are delightful! I usually stay away from pumps (they're usually too cutesy of a shoe for me), but the cone heel, mustard yellow, patent leather and suede upper have got me in a shoe tizzy. Sure they're kinda pricey, but my birthday is only (er) 3 months away, and I'm sure the price will creep down soon enough.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Channeling: Black and White Cookie


You've got to forgive me as I'm scratching at opportunities to use other people's photoshops as they're not looking--so posts are going to be few and far between (but seriously, check out my tumblr for updates because I miss you guys lots). To compensate, I've been gorging myself on black and white cookies which are SO addicting. I've been averaging two cookies/day at Conde Nast (each is bigger than my outstretched hand) and I have a whole tub at home that I've been munching on while Casey has something healthy like yogurt. I'm not sure if it's the cookie that's doing it, or the general aesthetic of the city, but I've recently realized that over 50% of my wardrobe now consists of pieces in black, white or grey. Coincidence? Perhaps, but all I know is that I WANT THAT BUSTIER SO BAD.

Topshop shoe
Forever21 bustier
Topshop blouse
Betsey Johnson watch

Saturday, July 19, 2008


GUYS, I am all shades of lazy and terrible and my bad-blogging tendencies have only spiraled out of control now that I actually have more things to blog about (Jessica Stam spottings, Alex Wang sales, industry events, ack ack ack).

But until I figure out how to get photoshop again, I'm going to be kind of MIA from this blog for awhile. Until then, check out my tumblr account at


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just Purchased: Vintage Whiting and Davis Necklace


Fellow summer intern Sanhita and I made our way to Chelsea to thrift mecca Housing Works this morning. She had managed to score a Botkier handbag there a month ago for something ridiculous like $5, so needless to say, I was a little anxious to see what I could find for myself. But of course, like every other activity that involved any bit of planning on my part, we were foiled and the store was closed when we arrived. But not all hope was lost: a cute costume jewelry shop was open right across the street and I zeroed right in on the raddest, most incredible necklace I've ever seen. True, the price was a little steep ($45), but the shopkeeper said it was vintage Whiting and Davis from the '40s that they copped from an estate sale. And you readers should by now that if there's any one person whose style I'd most want to emulate, it's wealthy old little ladies wrapped in fox-furs who reek of muskoils and Sidecars.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fresh Junk: Deer Dana Tees


How amazing are these? Although I have to say, Andre's crotch is looking a little broke. Get yours here and here.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Really Obsessed With: Black Lace Bralettes


My crush on Alexander Wang has only grown exponentially since I've been here. Sure, living a few blocks away from him and occasionally bumping into him, tongue-tied, flabbergasted, and completely starstruck on the street doesn't help. But what's really led me to believe that we should become lifelong besties was his sample sale this past week where I fell in love with everything and spent WAY too much on a dress and a pair of shorts (that you can see on Casey's teenvogue post). The dress I bought (which I'll do a post on later) is cut like many of Alex's pieces that really flatter those of us who are kinda concave in the bust department. Although his dresses don't really require bras, most of the girls working the sale (who were also rocking his pieces), were wearing little black lacey bras under their dresses. I went out to get myself a lace bralette to pair with dresses and shirts(and snatched up a pair for $7 at Forever21). They're perfect for summer: they breathe, they're flirty and they offer enough vamp to spice up sweet pieces. The best part? They're cheaper than your regular bra, so you can stock up.