Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just Purchased: Alexander Wang for Uniqlo Dress


Just so we get things straight here, I actually bought this dress before I bought my YSL's, and even though I paid to get it shortened afterwards, it doesn't technically count (okay? okay.). No doubt you've heard about the terrible, very bad, good-for-nothing heat wave, and it's seriously put a damper on my outfits. Thanks goodness I decided to wear this dress though, because I got lost on the train, and was running around Midtown like a blindfolded chicken (is that even an idiom?) trying to find my way to my first day at Radar (which was awesome, btw). The open back kept me cool, and the folding and pleating in the front kept things interesting enough so I didn't feel like I was going to a funeral. The accompanying photograph is from an Elle.com slideshow, but I wore mine today with sandals and a blazer (which I promptly took off as soon as I left the office).

UPDATE ON THE READER/BLOGGER GET-TOGETHER: Meet us in Central Park (at the Summerstage) on Saturday at one--we'll be the ones with the balloons. Hopefully there aren't multiple people with balloons, but if you get hopefully lost or confused, Casey will have her blackberry so you can email her at casey@teenfashionsita.com and she'll get right back to you.

One last thing: check me out at the teen vogue blog! Guuhh skadfjlskdfj so exciting


Margherita. said...

I love the dress!

The get together sounds fun. This is one of the times I wish I didn't live in a state that no one else seems to live in.

Knight Cat said...

awesome dress!
really cool blog! want to trade links??


Jiyeh said...

wahhh I have been dying for that dress :( every time I went it was sold out! ughh.

Anonymous said...

That heat wave was awful eh?
So hard to dress for that kind of weather!
I adore that dress, it's SO cute! And once again congrats on your internship at Teen Vogue!
I am so jealous ;)

Wish i could go to your little get together, but sadly I live too far away!

Melissa said...

ooh, i'd love to meet up with you two @ summerstage! [love both of your blogs -- and have been waiting for the free vampire weekend show since i arrived in nyc, haha.] i'm also out here for the summer, so i'm always looking to meet fellow interns! will see you saturday. :D

Anonymous said...

Eugh be glad you're in the middle of a heatwave and not monsoon-season-like rain in Ireland! :(

Baby Jess said...

love your blog.
i'm assuming you were in the city on tuesday. it was god aweful!!! haha i went to conde nast for the first time ever for an interview. the experience was AMAZING. haha

Baby Jess said...

ps: i wish i wasn't so caught up shopping or knew about the central park meet up!

connie said...

oh, you haven't missed it! it's this Saturday!

chichi said...

love the black dress, simple sheek, fashion sense on this blog is insane! lol, but anyway cant go to summerstage, and this is my favorite show too, im so sad. plus you guys were gonna be there, mucho fun! but anyway have a great time, and you guys should def host other events in nyc, would love to hang out w/ people of such a fashion sense of yours.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I love your blog--so adorable. I have yet to master Photoshop, but when I do the world should totally watch out, cause I will be wilding out with it.

Stephanie said...

So I've been perusing your blog for the past hour after checking you out on the Teen Vogue blog, and I can totally tell how you got the internship. And I have to say, I like girl, I like. Keep up the good work. (The images that you repost remind me of the pages on Teen Vogue) Keep up the good work!

connie said...

Thanks for all the kind words, ladies!

Claudia&Frankie said...

Wow!! I love that dress!!!

Where can I get one from online?


connie said...

Maybe ebay has one? But I don't think Uniqlo has an online store, unfortunately.

Claudia&Frankie said...

:( I live in the UK!! So I dunno if I could get one here!
I was also wondering how you let people know about your blog, I've only just started mine, and I want people to comment on it and tips/tricks etc, but I'm not sure how to publise it... Any tips?


LML said...

i love your blog!!!

carrie / wishwishwish said...

oh thats a great dress - very classic - and those shoes are great!

Fashion-Obsessed! said...

Wow, now you have got me all excited! I do truly believe it would be great if a magazine could show a real girl with style on their cover once in a while, although i do already love Teen Vogues girl of the week. Check out my newest post, all about style icons. Ps. wow you have truly amazing clothes that i want to steal! It's made me want to go to NY even more just to go shopping. :)
comment back

Isabelle said...

see you tomorrow!

fashionhayleytokyo said...

I love it. I wish I was back in Tokyo so I could actually shop at Uniqlo, sadly Australia doesn't have 1 yet. The thing is, in Japan Uniqlo isn't thought of as cool at all, so its really weird for me that people in the UK and USA rave about it, when people in Japan laugh when I sai "I bought it at "Uniqlo"

connie said...

NO way, hayley. I figured though, Japan has always been WAY ahead of the US in everything.

deexdeexdreamer said...

oh wow! if i could just get that dress in like 3 colours i'd be set for summer. Darn british uniqlo, not having it :(

guard that dress with ur life!

Melissa said...

i went to uniqlo on friday -- and could NOT find this dress. it was a sad day, haha.

Modelizer said...

Found your blog through Teen Vogue. Congrats on your internship!

This past heatwave was awful but I'm not sure I can deal with the on-off showers and serious cloudiness and then serious sun shine bursts we've been having lately either. Can't it just stay at like 70 degrees all the time?

Fashion's the word said...

It really has been hot! But great post. I love the Alexander Wang dress. It's really chic, well depending on how you wear it. ;]

The Write of Way ----> said...

heyy connie!
i finally got my blog up and running you should check it out since you were the one who inspired me to make it! thanks again. (:

-emily rose.

thagirl! said...

great dress! love the blog!

SKYLA said...

found you through Teen Vogue-so lucky you got to intern! Ahhhh. Great blog too.

connie said...

thanks everyone! sorry again about being such a terrible poster. i suck.

Eloise said...

Hi, I remember reading that you were in need of a watch when I was on Amazon today and I saw this one:


I really like it but for the life of me can't read it very well, but it can't be that tough to. I think it's pretty cool. Sort of futuristic, but the basic style is very classic. Hope I helped!

Eloise said...


whoops. I don't think I posted the link properly. But if that link doesn't work, try searching "the one odin's rage" on Amazon.

CoutureCarrie said...

Love this dress!!

Ragamala said...

When I first saw that you were featured on teen vogue I got really excited. Since you went to Berkeley, and I kind of adventure the area every once and a while, did you discover any amazing places to shop? It's always great to find people that come from or around my area, and I'm glad that I get to read all about your adventures on your blog!

Fashion Is Poison said...

i loooove this!

AlicePleasance said...

It's a splendid dress!

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