Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just Purchased: Doc Martens


Inspired by Camille over at Childhood Flames, I finally bit the bullet and snatched up the last size six pair over at Bancroft clothing. They were seventy percent off which helps ameliorate any buyer's remorse that I may have had, but the more I clod around the house in them, the more I'm beginning to imagine the dozens of ways that I'd be able to wear them. The perfect look? Probably this (insert ensuing "aww's" here). Also, this is definitely the third shoe post in a row (maybe it's an indication of where my mind's been on the past few days?--and where it hasn't been on...cough*homework*cough).

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Really Obsessed With: White Shoes


Because I'm going to have to fit everything into two suitcases this summer, my wardrobe is going to have to consist of pieces that are going to work for multiple outfits. I'm not really concerned about my clothes because I usually stick to the same color families and styles when I shop, but my shoes are a different story. Basically, I have too many in general, but not enough that would work in a variety of situations. I feel like pair of statement white shoes might spice up my basic wardrobe. These are all from Topshop (I think I've been trolling the site a bit too much) and cheap enough where I wouldn't feel as terrible if I scuffed them up a bit.

Fresh Junk: Knee High Gladiators

Untitled-3 copy

So the fug girls may have decried my little Ashley's gladiator sandals back in '07, but anyone blind enough to hate on Chloe Sevigny is dead in my book. Truth be told, they're a little intense, and the Topshop ones seem a little bit intimidating (the loopiness of the other straps don't help much), but I'm sooo dying for a pair of statement gladiator shoes, and these are the perfect price (€50), will no doubt the perfect mix of shock and awe (hopefully less of the former), and are the perfect accompaniment to all those flimsy floral things I have. Thoughts?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Current Threads: Luella Wannabe


I should impose a self-ban to not look at runway shows until the season that they're supposed to be representing. For example, spring has finally reared its floral head and the sun and the warmth and the 20,000 strains of pollen spores were all calling out for me to don this Luella look. However, I've been reading about this look for six months now and frankly, I'm almost had enough of the nerdy/floral thing. I realize this logic makes no sense because, after all, the look is supposed to be S/S08. Whatever. I did it, and I have to say that even though I feel a tad as if I'm running through the fad gauntlet, it's is the perfect look for a beautiful springtime weekend.

Anna Sui skirt
Lacoste shirt
H&M cardigan
Steve Madden shoes
AA socks

Monday, April 14, 2008

Really Obsessed With: Forever21 Underthings


I get creeped out a lot by the word "panty" so I've been hesitant on posting about these, er...panties even though they are the prettiest little underthings that I've ever seen Forever21 stock. I'm not one to spend lots on lingerie and this is probably TMI so cover your eyes if you're getting creeped out but I do have this beautiful pair of frilly blue panties (ack ack) that make me feel like a doll even if I'm shlubbing it in my grossest sweats. The best part about these Forever21 ones? 3/$10, baby. They come in thongs too but I'm not sure how the ruffle ass floss might feel...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Roadtesting Trends: The Harem Pant

harem copy

It's so easy to get caught up in your own fashion fantasy, especially when you're logged onto a computer for most of your waking hours and see pictures of hot girls wearing things like this and this, then go shopping with equally as delusional people who say things like "yes of course those pants are versatile!" and then step out into the real world with all the starry-eyed sartorial ambition you can muster and immediately encounter a fellow classmate who asks you which corporate MC Hammer position you're interviewing for. Ouch. But just you wait you drab-derrièred folk--give it a year (or two) and the rice-patty pant is going to be all the rage. Make sure to pair them with something a little sexy on top and keep your shoes high (to downplay the masculinity of the pants).

Express tank
H&M pants
Target shoes

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Celebrate Good Times: THE OFFICE


I hope everyone was able to catch the return of the office earlier tonight (if not, I think episodes go online in an hour). I won't give too much away but, seriously. Jan's boobs? 2 points if you wore white Keds while watching (3 points if they were whiter than Pam's). 1 point if you had on a blazer. 5 points for a Casio watch, and 293842 points if you understand the bat reference.

Keds shoes
Topshop blazer
Girlprops bat necklace
Casio watch

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Break '08: Day 5 and 6

OH GOD YOU GUYS you have no idea the kinds of misery that has expired between myself and my computer in the past week. First, the backlight decided that it wanted to quit on me. Then the sound fizzled out just as soon as I started getting used to hooking up my computer to a projector. Then after a week in repair, my video card became corrupted or something and then it decided to shut down every two minutes.

Coooollllll (naht)

But after I let it sit in the corner and think about what it had done for two days, it decided that it was done playing games and is now back to its normal self. So, back to blogging, and more importantly, back to how my spring break ended more than a week ago. Oh, boy.

Wednesday was spent pretending to be a Gossip Girl and traipsing through the Upper East Side. I wish I were kidding.

But I knew that I wanted to pack a lunch and a blanket to picnic in Central Park, so I brought this AMAZING nylon rucksack from H&M along with me. It's seriously bottomless, super sturdy, and the snaps in the back allow you to readjust everything to convert it from a shoulder bag to a backpack, then to a shopper tote.

But it turned out to be way way too cold and windy for a picnic (and I kept panicking because Central Park is a freakin' Minotaur labrynth and I wasn't smart enough to remember to pack twine). But the area was basically impressive, and sterile, and really concrete-y, and I wish it hasn't been an entire week after I went so I could remember more about it. BAH

The best parts about the Museums were definitely the stupid pretentious pieces of shit (actually, literally). For example, Exhibit A:

"Rock and Found Hair Mounted On Pedestal"

Or Exhibit B:


But in the basement of the Met was the blog.mode fashion exhibit which was INCREDIBLE. Hussein Chalayan, Yves Saint Laurent, Alaïa, Rodarte, Galliano, al;kdfja, andslfj, djkfdjfsd--I stayed in the exhibit until the museum closed. Then, it was off to Chinatown for some eats and then a night spent watching Weeds to rest before my last day in NY and two interviews before I left.

I'm dumb and forgot to take pictures of my outfit the last night, but I wore a vintage floral tiered Anna Sui miniskirt over a grey heathered tank from Target, the same Limited blazer, the tights, grey socks (that were supposed to be taken off before my interviews because NY is freeeeezing but I forgot dumbdumbdumb) and those shoes from hell again.

But I woke up early to finish packing. Because of my bad scheduling, I had planned my last interview a few hours before my flight, and the night before, I had received a last minute email from another magazine asking me to stop by. So unfortunately, I had no other choice but to lug my suitcase, my purse, and another carryon with me to the Conde Nast building in Times Square.

OMGG you have no idea how incredible it felt to stand in the lobby at Conde Nast. I recognized a handful of editors scurrying in and out of the elevators and nearly passed out when I was going through security with an official nametag. I stepped into the elevators and was in there by myself when it stopped and a short blonde lady in a Chanel jacket stepped in.


I kid you not.

I shared an elevator with Anna Wintour.

ack ack ack ack kkkkkkkkadsfjakdljf [this was basically what I was fighting to keep from spitting out]. It took every ounce of self restraint not to jump on the poor woman and/or vomit when she half-smiled at me. Yes, she was beautiful and intimidating and very very short. And no she wasn't wearing sunglasses.

By the time I got to the floor I was supposed to be on, I could much less remember my own name than the editor's of whom I was supposed to meet with. The interview went wonderfully and I can't tell you how embarrassed that 1)Anna Wintour saw me wearing socks and sandals, 2)Anna Wintour saw me with my roommate Will's army green beat-up suitcase 3)I think I may have let one "ack" slip out in the elevator (of which Anna Wintour probably heard).

But right after this ended, it was off to the UES again for my last interview at a much lower key (no ack attacks here) and much less stressful and really wonderful and brilliant and I can't stop using gushy adjectives because ladies and gents, my whole experience with NY was really just that gushy and surreal and wonderful and brilliant.

Then it was back to JFK, then back to San Francisco, then back to midterms and papers and the doldrums of springtime academia when I finally got replies regarding my interviews.

And if you'll let me readers, I'll post in the comments section of this entry the place(s) I'll be working this summer.