Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break '08: Day 3

Since I knew I was going to be trying a lot of things on, I wore this really fantastic vintage silk top and high waisted jeans from Urban (no shots of the jeans, but they're braaaaided). The bag is my favorite part of the outfit. It's totally convertible, and you can wear it as a backpack while shopping so you have your hands free, or you can change the snaps around and turn it into a cute shopper. I wore it on my shoulder for the most part, but this thing is seriously bottomless, so I was able to fit most of my stuff in there.

Knowing that I have the worst sense of direction EVER, I plotted out all of my shopping destinations via the MTA trip planner (nerd nerd nerd alert). I got off at the Prince Street exit in Soho and stepped into Dean and DeLuca's first to grab some breakfast. I'm not sure how representative this is of snobbish, high-brow supermarkets, but I can say with some confidence, as someone who lives right in the middle of the most snobbish, most high-brow supermarket district ever, Dean and DeLuca should probably reign right up there with them. The coffee was meh, but I've never tasted a fresher peach in March.

I made a quick stop into Old Navy first where I headed straight for the shoe sale racks. I was on the lookout for the canvas wedges that Fashionista blogged about before--and believe my luck when I saw one last pair in the exact size and color that I wanted. I also picked up a pair of cheap black sandals.

Uniqlo was A.Ma.Zing...oh god, so many walls of the most beautiful basics you could possibly imagine. I picked up a grey sweatshirt and a pair of new pair of dark skinny jeans. I'm always on the search for really raw, inky indigo jeans. Marcus and the boys apparently try to only handwash their denim, but handwashing jeans don't quite get them back to that original, tight fit. But after a few machine wash cycles, the jeans inevitably start fading, and I need to go pick up a new pair. My favorite purchase was definitely this typography t-shirt. I'm a nerd for typefont and there are few things in this world that can get me as riled up as a good debate about modernist and post-modernist fonts. I also picked up a men's blue gingham short-sleeved button up as well as dark grey chambray shirt of the same cut for Marcus.

Muji was also sooo sick, but alas, I just didn't have any room in my luggage for any home goods, so I'm going to wait to go back until this summer when I have to outfit my temporary dorm room (huzzah!)

I walked up a few blocks to Opening Ceremony so I could check out Chloe Sevigny's line. It was hot, most definitely, but it was so close to treading in "Contempo Casuals" waters that it really didn't justify the extreme price tags. I did try on the floral bustier dress, but I was surprised at how thin the fabric was and how infuriatingly simple it was for a $400 dress. I also tried on a few White Trumpet shirts which were beautiful origami creations in thin jersey from recent grads of St. Martins, but there were some obvious fitting problems especially in the sleeves, so I left them alone. I ended up just getting a Sevigny canvas bag which was cheap enough so I won't have to worry about taking too good of care of it.

By then the sun had set and since I'm so paranoid, I rushed back to the apartment, hunkered down with some paella and pineapple smoothies and watched the Hills. For serious, can we talk about Heidi's face?


SICK. said...

once again: i am so jealous.

so the floral bustier was a let down ? pooh. i loved it, though i was obviously never ever going to buy it.


That Student said...

Where'd you get the amazing bag?

bigglassesgirl said...

ditto on the bag question

connie said...

H&M yeee

danielle said...

hahahaa, "for serious..." that's the best witty phrase I've heard in a while, and I used it a few times in the past few days, and got nothing but laughs back from everyone I said it too, LOL. It's so funny when you actually say it out loud....for serious :-P

Nathalie said...

I also have both those sandals! Cute blog - I found it via Teen Vogue. I thought you might also like me, at