Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break '08: Days 1 and 2

I'm currently all cozy under some blankets at my friend's NY apartment by the Bronx and I finally have some time to blog a little about my trip to the East Coast. but, like an idiot, I left my camera cord at another friend's in DC, and won't be able to post any pictures until I get back to Berkeley. So, until Thursday (or Friday, let's be realistic here Connie), here's a briefish post:

After 5 hours by plane, 1.5 hours by subway train, and 4 more hours by a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad Chinatown bus (but it was cheap, and since that's usually the qualifier, I probably shouldn't be complaining), I finally arrived in DC in the evening to meet up with my friend Bekah. Exhausted, hungry, and slightly delirious, we went on a little Georgetown rendezvous to a local hookah haunt for some shisha and pitas and later walked along the waterfront. Someone had placed a single cupcake on each pillar and maaaaannnn I wanted one so bad.

So we made our own! The supermarket didn't stock food coloring, so we said a quick prayer that we wouldn't die of poisoning and bought easter egg dye. But we (by which I mean "I") ate half a dozen and am still alive, so no worries.

The next day was spent wandering the city and going to all of Bekah's favorite places. But first we got our nails done at the Watergate Hotel. Yes. The Watergate. So bizarre. Then, it was off to the Sartorialist exhibit by way of Embassy Row. Side note: the Iraq embassy is one of the first ones you walk past when you exit Dupont, and it's all abandoned and creepy now. Sad stuff.

The Sartorialist exhibit was nice, but it was honestly a underwhelming as I've seen all the prints before (they're up on his website). The prints were going at around $1200 for a signed photograph, and the most expensive one was incidentally my favorite (go figure)--you know the one of the redheaded chick in the black dress and grey kneesocks standing in what looks like the backyard of some cobblestoney place whose hair has just caught the wind? Yaddadimean? I probably should also comment about DC fashion at this point because this picture of me at the Adamson Gallery hallway is pretty representative (albeit, accidental). There's the requisite black, trendy coat (because it's still fairly chilly); dark, skinny jeans; black flats or boots. There's also the the stuff that I'm not rocking: the structured bag; diamond or pearl stud earrings; sleek polished hair, and big, oversized sunglasses. It's part Jackie-O, part senatorial wannabe, and very, very conservative and sophisticated.

Then it was to the Post Office Museum which Bekah swears is the best place in DC for silly photo ops. As I've been to DC a few times before, I really didn't feel the need to see the Smithsonian, the Natural History Museum, or the monuments again, so this place was a refreshing surprise. This was one of the pictures in our series titled "Senior Photos: Into the Wild Edition". The embarrassed/whoops face is because an elderly couple walked in us right when Bekah was taking this shot. Ehheheh.

Oh, and I finally got to wear my new VPL silk/wool off the shoulder top that I got from Shopbop. I got it one size up so it drapes a little more dramatically.

Then back to Bekah's for a girly movie fest of My Best Friend's Wedding, Before Sunrise and Center Stage. Oh yeah, and more cupcakes.

I didn't do any shopping in DC, although it was hard to stop myself from going into all the pretty boutiques and shops in Georgetown because I knew that I would have plenty of time to shop in NY. So, sorry on the fashion-lite-ness of this post, but I guarantee that I'll make up for it with subsequent trip posts.

What's coming up:
  1. My afternoon with Soho and why me and my bank account are NOT on speaking terms anymore
  2. Wandering around under a bridge in Chinatown for half an hour
  3. Interview outfits (we won't talk about the 30482 hours it took to put it together)
  4. Trip to the Coutorture offices
  5. My night in Jersey
  6. The Upper East Side (xoxo)
  7. The most magical, transformer shopping bag EVER
Until Friday, lovelies!


deexdeexdreamer said...

can't wait!

lc said...

is this, like, the first time ever you've revealed your appearance on the blog? hold on, let me pick myself up off the floor.

connie said...

IT IS lc ahahha it was getting really annoying blurring my face out all the time, and taking pictures of myself in public while trying to hide my face was getting really embarrassing.

It's the laziness rearing its ugly head again.

heather said...


la petite fashionista said...
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la petite fashionista said...

love the outfit! seems you are enjoying your spring break and can't wait to hear about your adventures.


p.s. i really want a cupcake now.. ahh

Addison said...

i adore your blog! and those cupcakes, argh, i need an adorably cute sugar fix right NOW!


amyliz said...

Oh dear, now I may have to find some way of getting myself a cupcake. Wow.

Taylor said...

I love your blog! Shoping in Georgetown is fabulous, but like you said, you'll get planty of NY time it seems!

Please, keep bringing us the fashion goodness! And more cupcake photos would be good too :)

SICK. said...

i like your top.

you are soooo lucky.
i'm really jealous.


Sister Libby said...

I'm way jealous. I would kill to go to the east coast. Seriously, never been. And your top is awesome.

Anonymous said...

you've got such a cute style!!! Totally loving the drapey top!!!

Noel said...

You are so adorable, my goodness :]. If only my hair could glisten like that...