Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Really Obsessed With: Neck Scarves


Kate Moss's new line for Topshop launched today, and while the pieces in the collection are a little too Duran-Duran's Summer Tour in Bali, I did find myself gravitating towards these vintage looking scarves. I can't tell how big they are, but if they're substantial enough, I imagine wearing them looped once around my neck with the tie in front (kind of sailer style, yaddadimean?). Wearing them graffiti-artist style feels a little contrived, but you don't want to get too saccharine by tying it in a bow around your neck. I'm trying to prep my wardrobe for the colder weather in NY, and I'm bringing way too many of scarves like these to keep me warm.


Marcus said...

You know I love you, right? Because I do.

Casey said...

Oh my god, "Duran-Duran's Summer Tour in Bali", I think I just died of LOLness.

Anonymous said...

where are you interviewing?? fashiony places?

Martin said...


Anonymous said...

hey i'm really curious,
i love the syle of those bandana scarves... by any chance do u know where i can find 1?