Monday, March 17, 2008

Inspired By: NYC


Big, big apologies for the week and a half hiatus--but I swear, I was cramming all my schoolwork in before I leave for New York this Friday for Spring Break! No doubt my trip will be fantastic, but I need a little help from all of you. I'm looking for: cheap eats, cheap buys, cheap thrills, and lots and lots of fabulous things to look at. I'll keep you all posted on my outfits (there are interviews, trips down to DC and Jersey, and a whole lot of aimless walking days), but until then, here's the quintessential NY outfit which is a bit of Blair, a smidge of Holly Golightly, and a whiff of those creepy touristy vendors.


teenfashionista said...

Can't wait to hear all about your trip!

roxanne said...

cheap eats: shake shack in madison square park (get off at the 23rd street stop on the NRW line) - cheap food, possibly very long line

also in the vicinity: the flatiron building,
(one block uptown) the museum of sex
and the gershwin hotel (there's an art gallery inside, and andy warhol is the 'godfather' of the hotel, to give you an idea of what kind of art to expect)

where are you staying?

SICK. said...

you are so lucky.
new york city has been my favourite place for, forever.
then paris comes a close second, but NYC !
tell all when you return :]


Rori said...

Please go to Hello Deli.

For me.

Casey said...

I love that headband, I have it in deep purple and I've worn it dozens of times since my style-obsession with Blair Waldorf started.

Usually I don't the money to shop in them but I love the little boutiques in Nolita for browsing (like below Houston, around Mott and Mulberry). Otherwise I usually do pretty well walking along 5th Avenue between 13th and 19th. There is a great Forever 21, a J. Crew, Anthropologie, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and American Apparel.
My friends and I are all under 21 so we don't "go out" much in the city but we like comedy clubs (I like the Upright Citizens brigade or Ha) for the certainty of a good time and the possibility of minor-celebrity run-ins.

Casey said... (shops in Nolita)

Also, I forgot to say, Patricia Field's is a fun experience. Just being in the store is a trip, and they actually have some well-priced clothes and cute accessories.

Jessica McWilliams said...

Clinton St. Baking Company on Clinton St. in the LES.

Check out or & if you feel super-adventurous to venture into the outer-borough of Brooklyn for concerts, which are usually around $20 and always a lot of fun.

Fox & Fawn is a vintage boutique in the LES at 112 Suffolk St. and definitely worth a look.

Fille de Joie in Brooklyn on Grand St. is pricey but also way cool.

Enjoy your trip!

May said...

you're soo lucky! if you have a sweet tooth, you gotta go to serendipity 3 and get the forbidden broadway sundae. it's truly amazing.

have fun!

connie said...

Thanks for all the tips (and keep them coming)!! Aalksjdfasdl I'm so excited to get on that freakin' plane and jet off!

Anonymous said...

Canal street is always fun if you like bargaining! And my I think Little Italy has some of the best restaurants.

lc said...

chennai garden for vegetarian indian food (dosas, etc.). i second clinton st baking company (get the blueberry pancakes), but expect like a 1-2 hr wait. hallo berlin or zum schneider (more expensive, but in a more fun part of town) for german food! tiny's giant sandwich shop in the les has amazing BIG and tasty and cheap sandwiches, and sugar sweet sunshine bakery with their buttery cupcakes is right across the street.

cheap buys = h&m flagship and all the thrift shops + beacon's closet. there are lots of other awesome stores, but they'll just make you cry tears of frustration because you wont be able to afford any of it.

also, the whitney biennial is going on right now, and friday is pay-what-you-wish, and is open until 9pm.

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connie said...

Oooer guys thanks so much for the tips! I'll try to hit all of them (especially all the restaurants...god I love food). I'll keep you all posted!

Josiah said...

Cheap eats: Grey's Papaya on 72nd and Bway/Amsterdam (heart of the upper west side). Right on Verdi Square. Recession Special = $3.50 for 2 gourmet hot dogs and a medium fruit juice. Yummm.

Cash only, btw. No bull.