Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fresh Junk: Chloe Appliqued Dresses


In the 4th grade, there was this girl on my block whose mother used gave her free reign when it came to her outfits. She came to school wearing sweatpants with Christmas tinsel taped to the waist and ballerina tutus with Barbie shoes hot glued to the edges. While I never wanted to sit next to her (for fear of casualty glitter attacks), her arts and crafts philosophy really had something magical about it-—which makes me sooo happy to see Chloe’s appliqu├ęd dresses from Net-A-Porter. They make what would have been average looking draped dresses fun and youthful.

Left and right


SICK. said...

i love the back of the left dress,
so cute !


Anonymous said...

question... what would one wear to a saved by the bell themed party?