Monday, January 21, 2008

Really Obsessed With: Sephora Smokey Eye Kit


I'm not one for making new years' resolutions, but I did promise myself that I'd try try to graduate from drug store makeup to products that I might actually feel guilty if I lost. I've thrown away my cheap eyeshadows and blushes in exchange for Nars palettes and am trying to get used to Bare Minerals. Additionally, thanks to the lovely ladies at Coutorture, I finally have professional tools to apply them with. It doesn't seem like it'd make a big difference, but using the right brushes really does make your makeup look a lot less cheap. I loved this smokey eye brush set so much I got one for Mommy Legit for Christmas. Get yours at Sephora.


a. said...

nars is divine. & this smoky eye kit is lustworthy. i really need some new brushes as well...

love your blog xo

Casey said...

I had the same resolution...I started using the mineral foundation, got rid of my Great Lash in exchange for Diorshow (the brush is amazing), and tossed all those brushes included with the drugstore make-up. I got a Sonia Kashuk brush set at Target which is pretty good, though the mascara brush did break the second I touched can be more expensive, but I kind of prefer choosing my own sizes and bristles by buying brushes at craft stores. Though you have to make sure those are realllllly soft first.