Monday, January 28, 2008

Really Obsessed With: Rain Boots


To all my Midwestern friends, mad commiserating for your shitty weather. I spent the past ten years trudging through three foot deep snow in arctic conditions for five months of the year. However, I have to say that although your plight is pretty terrible, there’s something to be pitied about the poor souls who have to deal with the Mediterranean monsoons on the West Coast. I’ve been back in Berkeley for a week, and today was the first day that I’ve left my umbrella at home, and I’m afraid it’s the only respite I have for the next few weeks. Bottom line: being wet sucks. A lot. That said, staying dry doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy: PLEASE graduate from those bright printed boots that you can get at Target that’ll make you look like a fourth grade fashionista. Instead, opt for more elegant shapes in neutral colors that’ll pass for regular shoes. If you really want to buy real leather boots, make sure that it’s in a patent leather or something else that is completely impermeable to rain. There’s nothing worse than sitting in warm class worrying about the trench foot cultivating in your shoe.

Clockwise from top left:
Green, red and yellow Original Hunter Wellingtons
Marc by Marc Jacob boots
Chloe buckle boots
Hunter Lady N boots
Jeffrey Campbell chelsea boots


trendinsights said...

nice boots! :)

sam said...

Hey! I like those printed boots ;) Love the blog though!

Jessica said...

The Hunter wellies are adorable! Too bad I live in the OC where it never rains.

But then again, is it weird to wear wellies if it's not raining?

|emily| said...

i like you, and i like your blog. thank you for being the only fashion blogger i can find who doesn't take themselves so seriously!