Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fresh Junk: Gauzy Tiered Miniskirt


I mention my one year of dance training in elementary school so I pretend to speak with some authority on the whole ballet trends. But really, my leftover gauzy skirt overlays (an attempt at preserving my modesty courtesy of Mommy Legit) are going to be seeing new light this spring. I have to admit though, the whole look borders a little on the bizarre sartorial world of Hannah Montana teenyboppers. But instead of wearing mine with bare legs, a glitter top and a fake headset, I’ll be pairing mine with a wide industrial belt, a thin oversized top and sheer stockings. And remember, the look is supposed to be ethereal: if you choose a material heavier than tissue paper, you’ll risk looking like an unfortunate middle schooler trying to look like an unfortunate lady of the night.

Upper left: Earl Jeans, the rest are Topshop



i love those camis from your entry below.. i cant believe theyre from forever 21. and those skirts are so cute, i wish there was a topshop in new york- besides the one at barneys new york... cuz its so pricey!

SICK. said...

ooh, i love that earl jeans skirt.
a bit reminiscent of luella spring 08, no ?
& that picture is nice too (the model with the doublestrap maryjanes)


Candice said...

i love the one fom earl jeans. very artsy.

connie said...

oh nooo my mistake, the top left one is the earl jeans one. the bottom left one is topshop (and the print comes in two styles yeessss)