Thursday, January 10, 2008

Extra Baggage: Six Things


I love these Blogger tagging things: Fops and Dandies asked me to list six things that are in my bag.

First off, the bag was $5 from the SF MJ store (steeeaaall), so I don't mind treating it like shit (there are stains and marks all over it). Secondly, I have a hard time reading a book unless I know I've set aside a few hours for the activity--that's why I'm always carrying a magazine around for a quick read (Radar is so my favorite right now). My keys are pretty essential (Forever21 and a MJ keychain to carry my house keys, car keys and bike lock key). I always carry a couple pairs of sunglasses around with me (these are my newest pair of aviators, but they have this annoying leather strap that makes me look like I have a unibrow). I also carry a Tide pen because I spill on myself ALL the time. My purse is also the place where all my broken necklaces and jewelry go to die. Lastly, a notebook and pens.

I tag you teenfashionista, Rori and the girls from Sick.


lc said...

woah, a tide pen is a pretty good idea. when i was in hs, land of the malicious skirt-only dress code, i had to carry around a bottle of clear nail polish with me for when i got runs.

lc said...

runs in my stocking, i mean. JUST TO CLARIFY that i wasn't talking about anything gross.

a. said...

just to get straight to the point - i am in love with your blog & am linking you right now.

xo A.

real siyan shanghai said...
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