Friday, January 11, 2008

Channeling: Freezing Hot


Question from Freezing Cold: I need some help: I just moved from the state of Minnesota, (where it is always either extremely cold or extremely hot) to the Bay Area, with milder year-round weather. The summer went by fine, but when winter arrived, it seemed as if my wardrobe consisted of things that either were too thin and I'll freeze in them, or too thick and I'll contract heatstroke (think, big puffy bomber jacket hangs next to toilet-paper thin top). I don't have anything 'in the middle'. Any ideas?

Oh Freezing Hot, I've been through the exact same thing (a move from MN to the Bay), and I, unfortunately, spent most of the first winter looking like a ridiculous layer monster. I refused to bring any of my parkas because, honestly, who needs a parka in California, but that also meant that I was forced to layer all of my thin sweaters and shirts on top of each other until I resembled something like the Michelin man. Not cute. But this year, I’ve wised up and realized that even if you live in California, you do not have to dress like you live in SoCal (especially if you’re in NorCal). Tip one: finally buy that adorable coat that you’ve always wanted to wear, but was too impractical for Minnesota and take out the lining. You can always reattach it later when it gets colder (get something waterproof if you want to kill two birds with one stone). Make sure there’s a hood so you don’t have to buy a hat. Tip two: scarves, scarves, scarves. If you’re still too cold add a wide pashmina, or a chunky knit scarf. Tip three: For indoors, seriously invest in pieces in thick materials that you can wear in the summer and winter. Sweater dresses and light cardigans paired with thick tights keep you warm enough in the winter. I hope these tips work! Gook luck!

See by Chloe parka
Twelve by Twelve robot dress
Delias scarf


Heather said...

I'm going to have to learn screenprinting and DIY that robot dress... it is beyond amazing. Love the outfit!

Formerly Freezing Hot said...

Oh my goodness, I AM SOOO GLAD YOU ANSWERED MY QUESTION! I used the tips you posted and went out, revamped my closet, and bought new duds. Thank you so much!

Your blog rocks, keep up the great work!

I spent the first few weeks of winter layering all my thin clothes because my thicker clothes were just too thick. Your way works better :)

--Formerly Freezing Hot

Anonymous said...

haha, i remember, o FORMERLY FREEZING HOT
it was odd to look at.

luv: freezing hot's bff, kama'aina girl