Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Really Obsessed With: Braided Denim


I’m not a big fan of “spicing” up your denim. My jeans are pretty much all the same—a medium or dark wash, skinny or bootcut, and low to mid rise. My only deviation is a pair of high waisted trouser cuts that I bust out for special occasions. In fact, I would go as far to say that I have a particular distaste for any embellishment, adornment or cut that strays too far from ol’ Strauss’s original game plan. That said, I harbor a strange affection for denim braiding detail—blame the Laura Ingalls Wilder, but these braided glories are perfect for the fall to spring transition. They’ve got idyllic charm, but also conjure up enough rawr to keep you from looking too hippy-dippy.

Anlo Shannon jeans (Shopbop)
Opening Ceremony (Creatures of Comfort)
Grey Ant (Creatures of Comfort)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008



As winter weather rolls along, I’ve been finding myself standing uninspired in front of my closet more often than not. However, after finally digging into my massive pile of unread magazines, I’ve found some encouragement to rethink how I put my outfits together. And surprisingly, scruffy faced chiseled man-of-men grace the covers, and articles about muscle cars, scotch and video games fill the pages. There’s something so refreshing about clean, no-fuss separates and the low maintenance pairing of corporate wear with sportswear, that, when translated to women’s wear, makes old things new again. For example, I have never ever worn my Thomas Pink shirt buttoned al the way up for fear of looking like a Jil Sander mannequin. But today, I paired it with a crew neck sweater (ALWAYS crew necks if you’re going for menswear—only hipsters wear V necks), a salmon windbreaker and dark skinnies and it somehow worked. But remember, pair your shit with feminine accessories like uberfemme shoes and costume jewelry to avoid the Sir/Madam question.

Topshop windbreaker
Heritage (Forever21) sweater
Thomas Pink shirt

Monday, January 28, 2008

Really Obsessed With: Rain Boots


To all my Midwestern friends, mad commiserating for your shitty weather. I spent the past ten years trudging through three foot deep snow in arctic conditions for five months of the year. However, I have to say that although your plight is pretty terrible, there’s something to be pitied about the poor souls who have to deal with the Mediterranean monsoons on the West Coast. I’ve been back in Berkeley for a week, and today was the first day that I’ve left my umbrella at home, and I’m afraid it’s the only respite I have for the next few weeks. Bottom line: being wet sucks. A lot. That said, staying dry doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy: PLEASE graduate from those bright printed boots that you can get at Target that’ll make you look like a fourth grade fashionista. Instead, opt for more elegant shapes in neutral colors that’ll pass for regular shoes. If you really want to buy real leather boots, make sure that it’s in a patent leather or something else that is completely impermeable to rain. There’s nothing worse than sitting in warm class worrying about the trench foot cultivating in your shoe.

Clockwise from top left:
Green, red and yellow Original Hunter Wellingtons
Marc by Marc Jacob boots
Chloe buckle boots
Hunter Lady N boots
Jeffrey Campbell chelsea boots

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Channeling: Daft Punk


I'm not quite ready to abandon all the toughness from my wardrobe in time for spring. In fact, my new leather jackets and platform ankle boots are dying to be paired with floaty floral dresses and amorphous tops. The epitome of this tough look resides with my old electronica favorites, Daft Punk. Rock this look with head to toe black, unexpected quirky jewelry and a serious panache for incognito-look-at-me-ity.

Topshop leather bomber
House of Sunglasses shades
Forever21 earrings (a sly nod to their French doppelgangers)
Forever 21 lego ring
Cheap Monday jeans

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fresh Junk: Gauzy Tiered Miniskirt


I mention my one year of dance training in elementary school so I pretend to speak with some authority on the whole ballet trends. But really, my leftover gauzy skirt overlays (an attempt at preserving my modesty courtesy of Mommy Legit) are going to be seeing new light this spring. I have to admit though, the whole look borders a little on the bizarre sartorial world of Hannah Montana teenyboppers. But instead of wearing mine with bare legs, a glitter top and a fake headset, I’ll be pairing mine with a wide industrial belt, a thin oversized top and sheer stockings. And remember, the look is supposed to be ethereal: if you choose a material heavier than tissue paper, you’ll risk looking like an unfortunate middle schooler trying to look like an unfortunate lady of the night.

Upper left: Earl Jeans, the rest are Topshop

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just Purchased: Forever21 Camisoles


I don't usually buy clothes online (the last two times I tried to get something on Shopbop were fiascos), but I couldn't really resist getting these lovelies from Forever21. They look like they'd be perfect summer camisoles to wear under cardigans or by itself and are Lolita enough to pass for Marc Jacobs. The ivory and orange ones are now mine mine mine. Get yours here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Channeling: Swan


My ballet career was exactly one year long and ended because my mother refused to sew any more sequined costumes for me. Alas, I never got to dance in Swan Lake (but I was a cowgirl in "Rodeo Hoedown"), but I can admire their costumes from afar. Marc Jacobs showed his 2008 SS collection with loads of bejeweled fairy tale characters, but my favorite was definitely his swan choker.

Forever 21 dress
We Love Colours tights
UO headband
MJ choker

Monday, January 21, 2008

Really Obsessed With: Sephora Smokey Eye Kit


I'm not one for making new years' resolutions, but I did promise myself that I'd try try to graduate from drug store makeup to products that I might actually feel guilty if I lost. I've thrown away my cheap eyeshadows and blushes in exchange for Nars palettes and am trying to get used to Bare Minerals. Additionally, thanks to the lovely ladies at Coutorture, I finally have professional tools to apply them with. It doesn't seem like it'd make a big difference, but using the right brushes really does make your makeup look a lot less cheap. I loved this smokey eye brush set so much I got one for Mommy Legit for Christmas. Get yours at Sephora.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Fresh Junk: Star Print


There's that awkward period of time in fashion cycles where certain looks aren't old enough to be vintage nor new enough to be trendy. Things in this category include square necks, spaghetti straps and beanie babies. Things that might be in this category? Star prints. I wasn't a particular fan of the Topshop dress (above right) that Alex Chung was seen trotting around in, but after Kate Moss's star party bash, I'm having second thoughts about the motif. It's campy and tacky, granted, but I can't tell anymore if campy and tacky is necessarily something to avoid. Thoughts?

From left, Viktor and Rolf dress, Topshop shirt, Topshop dress

Monday, January 14, 2008

Just Purchased: Steve and Barry Coats


Call me a cheapass, but I getter a bigger rush from finding mediocre gems in bargain basements than splurging on one luxe item. It’s probably just because the second option really isn’t an option at this point, but I’d like to think it’s because I’m always up for a challenge, and there’s really not much of a challenge in slapping a credit card down at Saks. Steve and Barry’s never really interested me much (University Sportswear? SJP’s Bitten line? Yawn, yaaawwwn.), but I stepped into one this afternoon to check out Victorya from Project Runway’s dress. The dress was ho hum, and the venue felt like a less sophisticated Old Navy, but that didn’t stop me from running around like a mad woman. The reason? Everything in the entire store was nine dollars. NINE DOLLARS. That included this faux leather jacket and the shearing line jean jacket. The quality sucks, and the design is less than original, but the fit is impeccable. Oh, and did I mention that I only paid $18? Helllloooo Steve and Barry’s!. Forget SJP, put $9$9$9$9 on all your ads. That’ll get the public rolling in.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Channeling: Freezing Hot


Question from Freezing Cold: I need some help: I just moved from the state of Minnesota, (where it is always either extremely cold or extremely hot) to the Bay Area, with milder year-round weather. The summer went by fine, but when winter arrived, it seemed as if my wardrobe consisted of things that either were too thin and I'll freeze in them, or too thick and I'll contract heatstroke (think, big puffy bomber jacket hangs next to toilet-paper thin top). I don't have anything 'in the middle'. Any ideas?

Oh Freezing Hot, I've been through the exact same thing (a move from MN to the Bay), and I, unfortunately, spent most of the first winter looking like a ridiculous layer monster. I refused to bring any of my parkas because, honestly, who needs a parka in California, but that also meant that I was forced to layer all of my thin sweaters and shirts on top of each other until I resembled something like the Michelin man. Not cute. But this year, I’ve wised up and realized that even if you live in California, you do not have to dress like you live in SoCal (especially if you’re in NorCal). Tip one: finally buy that adorable coat that you’ve always wanted to wear, but was too impractical for Minnesota and take out the lining. You can always reattach it later when it gets colder (get something waterproof if you want to kill two birds with one stone). Make sure there’s a hood so you don’t have to buy a hat. Tip two: scarves, scarves, scarves. If you’re still too cold add a wide pashmina, or a chunky knit scarf. Tip three: For indoors, seriously invest in pieces in thick materials that you can wear in the summer and winter. Sweater dresses and light cardigans paired with thick tights keep you warm enough in the winter. I hope these tips work! Gook luck!

See by Chloe parka
Twelve by Twelve robot dress
Delias scarf

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Extra Baggage: Six Things


I love these Blogger tagging things: Fops and Dandies asked me to list six things that are in my bag.

First off, the bag was $5 from the SF MJ store (steeeaaall), so I don't mind treating it like shit (there are stains and marks all over it). Secondly, I have a hard time reading a book unless I know I've set aside a few hours for the activity--that's why I'm always carrying a magazine around for a quick read (Radar is so my favorite right now). My keys are pretty essential (Forever21 and a MJ keychain to carry my house keys, car keys and bike lock key). I always carry a couple pairs of sunglasses around with me (these are my newest pair of aviators, but they have this annoying leather strap that makes me look like I have a unibrow). I also carry a Tide pen because I spill on myself ALL the time. My purse is also the place where all my broken necklaces and jewelry go to die. Lastly, a notebook and pens.

I tag you teenfashionista, Rori and the girls from Sick.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fresh Junk: RM


I remember the wails that filled the fashion world after Roland Mouret called it bust this past summer. After all, his Galaxy dress was just getting major props left and right, and, amidst all the shapeless dresses and boxy silhouettes from the season, his dresses injected a much needed sex appeal. But, I knew it wouldn't be long for us to see his fashion-y little fingers pop up on the radar again. I love how his dresses are futuristic and modern without making a woman look ridiculous. In fact, all the pleating and folding at the booty gives the fashionista a healthy looking butt. Hell, if Mouret's dresses can make Posh look like she's got some natural curves, sign me up and charge it to my account. My skinny ass needs all the help it can get.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mad Delusions: Love From Australia Boots


First of all, these boots are way more money than my blogger-income supported self can afford. Second of all, Harper’s Bazaar has deemed over the knee boots “too severe” for this season. Thirdly, Ugg like things are (right behind Crocs and VPL) one of the foulest fashion faux pas one could commit. So, even after accepting the fact that my economic condition, fashion industry authorities and the entire fashion community are keen on dismissing these boots as the most egregious of egregious sartorial horrors, why am I still dreaming about them? Perhaps it has something (ok, everything) to do with the arctic conditions I’m experiencing or the fact that frostbite has moved up my list of things-most-likely-to-die-from, but there’s nothing I’d rather of tucking my toes into these sweet wooly wombs of these boots.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Celebrate Good Times: National Hangover Day


You had your fun last night, and fortunately, you get a grace day to recover before starting that new life that you pontificated about drunkenly to your friend's ex boyfriend. So, go take off that leftover eye makeup, wrap yourself up in an oversized cardigan and spend the rest of the day hydrating and vegging. Rest well, my pretties-you've got a long year ahead of you.

Fred Flare sleep mask
Anthropologie sleep shorts
Etsy tin (for your Advil)
Topshop cardigan