Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Pastel Nails


It may seem inconvenient given what I do, but I have a fear of google image search. It's simple enough--sometimes you just want a nice picture of "kitties" and you come up with a picture of a kitty run over by a lawn mower or something. So, when googling pictures of pastel colored nails, I came up with all sorts of horrible feet fetish pictures of fat little sausage toes picking up feathers and shit. So ignore the actual nails, and pay attention to the colors because pastels like robin's egg blue and pale lavender are SO going to replace all those navy/black/plum shades. They're a little Easter-parade-in-Georgia, but if you wear it with all those goth-tastic separates this winter, they won't look so saccharine.


Ruby Fuerza said...

I love pastel nail polish - especially for spring and sumer. It totally brings me back to 1995 when Hard Candy first came out with matching plastic rings. Their "mint" was the color of choice for my 5th grade self. xx

SICK. said...

i love that china glaze colour.
it's actually modelled after the signature colour of the tiffany box !
lavender, baby blue & baby pink have got to be my favourite pastel nail colours.