Thursday, December 20, 2007

OMG, Why?: Karzai's Karakul


Usually I've got no qualms about other people wearing fur, or other people eating veal, or other people chopping off their Doberman's tails for dog shows or whatever. If I don't engage in these activities, it's because the thought of it creeps me out, but I couldn't care less if someone else does it. But there's something soooo Cruella DeVille about Afghanistan's Hamid Karzai's fez constructed out of aborted lamb fetuses. I can't even decide if it's stylish or not (although Gucci's Tom Ford apparently thinks so). Good or baaaaaad (ehhehehheh), it's definitely not something I'd put on my Christmas wishlist.


Jessica McWilliams said...

I'm wondering who was sitting around one day when it suddenly struck them it would be a good idea to construct a hat out of aborted lab fetuses. Bizarre.

brooke said...

your "omg why" segments are hilarious

Laura & Tierney said...

wait... what? connie you are so weird. this is like the blog version of a connie story