Monday, December 31, 2007

Celebrate Good Times: New Years Eve


New Years Resolutions: Learn Java, actually use my gym membership, spend more time with people who are good for me and less time with those who give me a headache (namely, Jack, Jim, Andre and Natty Ice), buy less crap, and spend less time watching videos of kitties on YouTube. But let's not forget that these resolutions don't actually count until midnight tonight, so I'm planning on donning my newest satin party dress, not going to the gym, not learning anything useful, buying paper party hats and spending the night drunk singing "Piano Man" with my homefries. I'll see you all in the morning :)

Dresses from left: Miu Miu, Temperly, Vera Wang
Earrings from left: Forever21, Topshop, Topshop


Heather said...

Love the green dress!

bigglassesgirl said...

gym memberships are meant to gather dust, obviously. The paper copies also serve as great bookmarks.

Anonymous said...

you forgot carlo!! oh carlo <3

emsie said...

i really like the yellow dress, it's beautiful


Anonymous said...

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