Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Celebrate Good Times: Christmas


I’m spending my Christmas this year lounging on the beaches in Florida—a huge departure from the tundra called Minnesota that I’m used to. Even though the snow’s been replaced with sand, old traditions still hold fast. No amount of sun, surf, or old people can separate my family from our annual Christmas brunch and pajama-decked present ceremony. Although my wardrobe is going to be a little scanty compared to what I usually wear, there are a few constants: something warm to lounge around in until clothing become absolutely imperative, something shiny to distract the relatives from asking the inevitable “where’s the boyfriend?” question, and something fabulous to wear on my feet (hopefully, a present from a certain fat, bearded man). Whatever you’re celebrating this December, I hope it was wonderful!

Topshop shoes
Forever21 necklace
Webundies satin shorts
Built by Wendy hoodie

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