Monday, December 31, 2007

Celebrate Good Times: New Years Eve


New Years Resolutions: Learn Java, actually use my gym membership, spend more time with people who are good for me and less time with those who give me a headache (namely, Jack, Jim, Andre and Natty Ice), buy less crap, and spend less time watching videos of kitties on YouTube. But let's not forget that these resolutions don't actually count until midnight tonight, so I'm planning on donning my newest satin party dress, not going to the gym, not learning anything useful, buying paper party hats and spending the night drunk singing "Piano Man" with my homefries. I'll see you all in the morning :)

Dresses from left: Miu Miu, Temperly, Vera Wang
Earrings from left: Forever21, Topshop, Topshop

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Just Purchased: Safari Sunglasses


The last time I posted about sunglasses, one reader called me a "one trick pony". Hands up, I admit it, I agree that I've posted about sunglasses more than it deserves to be posted about. But the truth is, out of all of my purchases, proportionally I buy sunglasses more than I buy anything else. It's like picking up a tabloid at the end of a grocery run; I always grab a pair of sunglasses when I check out of H&M or Forever21. It seems that I've exhausted by sunglasses repertoire, but I finally found something that I didn't have already. These Safari specs from House of Sunglasses fold up to the size of a sand dollar (which sounds useful I guess). They were only $10 and my trip to Florida seemed like a good excuse to get them. However, they came with stress fractures in the lenses, and one of the pins by the bridge is always coming out. But, they're cute novelty glasses that I won't feel too bad about tossing after a week or so.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Celebrate Good Times: Christmas


I’m spending my Christmas this year lounging on the beaches in Florida—a huge departure from the tundra called Minnesota that I’m used to. Even though the snow’s been replaced with sand, old traditions still hold fast. No amount of sun, surf, or old people can separate my family from our annual Christmas brunch and pajama-decked present ceremony. Although my wardrobe is going to be a little scanty compared to what I usually wear, there are a few constants: something warm to lounge around in until clothing become absolutely imperative, something shiny to distract the relatives from asking the inevitable “where’s the boyfriend?” question, and something fabulous to wear on my feet (hopefully, a present from a certain fat, bearded man). Whatever you’re celebrating this December, I hope it was wonderful!

Topshop shoes
Forever21 necklace
Webundies satin shorts
Built by Wendy hoodie

Thursday, December 20, 2007

OMG, Why?: Karzai's Karakul


Usually I've got no qualms about other people wearing fur, or other people eating veal, or other people chopping off their Doberman's tails for dog shows or whatever. If I don't engage in these activities, it's because the thought of it creeps me out, but I couldn't care less if someone else does it. But there's something soooo Cruella DeVille about Afghanistan's Hamid Karzai's fez constructed out of aborted lamb fetuses. I can't even decide if it's stylish or not (although Gucci's Tom Ford apparently thinks so). Good or baaaaaad (ehhehehheh), it's definitely not something I'd put on my Christmas wishlist.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Prep the Themester: Ugly Sweater


Ugly sweater parties are a tricky thing. With a theme so specific, it's sometimes fairly difficult to stand out amongst other ugly sweater revelers, and all you costume purists (myself included), face it. It's a party, and girl, you can't go around look all fugly and shit. Best course of action to keep the holiday spirit alive while getting some seasonal bootay: leave you miniskirts and tights (that are oh so obvious to counter the frump-osity of the sweater). Instead, why wait to wear your shiny holiday separates? Get a shrunken boys' sweater from your local consignment shop and pair it with a pair of satin skinnies, a sparkly cummerbund belt and mile high platforms.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Pastel Nails


It may seem inconvenient given what I do, but I have a fear of google image search. It's simple enough--sometimes you just want a nice picture of "kitties" and you come up with a picture of a kitty run over by a lawn mower or something. So, when googling pictures of pastel colored nails, I came up with all sorts of horrible feet fetish pictures of fat little sausage toes picking up feathers and shit. So ignore the actual nails, and pay attention to the colors because pastels like robin's egg blue and pale lavender are SO going to replace all those navy/black/plum shades. They're a little Easter-parade-in-Georgia, but if you wear it with all those goth-tastic separates this winter, they won't look so saccharine.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Channeling: John Nash


I'm soundly quite like a whiny broken record by this point but sorry, sorry, sorrrryyy for abandoning you all (especially in a time when procrastination becomes an almost necessary activity to keep you sane during finals). But after my Game Theory final, I'm a little more freed up, so welcome back! Now that I don't have to think about John Nash ever again, I feel it necessary that I owe him a little tip of the hat. After all, I've never stressed more about one man than that one time in the 3rd grade when Eric Jones and I were in charge of the lunch bin for a week. Keep the androgyny on the girly side by keeping the long blazer fitted and the oxford high. Although, I have to say, if I were Johnny here, I wouldn't be preoccupying myself with games of "Prisoner's Dilemma" or "Two-Person Cooperation" as much as I would with a nice game of Wii.

PS: I'll get to your questions later on--thanks for putting up with my lazy ass!

Topshop blazer and blouse
Steve Madden shoe

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Channeling: The Spice Girls


GUESS WHO I'M GOING TO SEE TONIGHT!! The Spice Girls stop in San Jose for their reunion tour and me and some friends have scored some pretty terrible seats. They're nosebleeders, they are, but at least I'll be in the same arena as the women who scrawny little elementary-school Connie made up dances to and insisted on listening to in the car. On repeat. With the volume up to eleven. I'm sure my Dad's way of retribution for the fact that he was forced to learn all the words to "Wannabe" was to prevent me from attending one of their concerts when I was younger. But now, a decade later, I'm searching desperately for a pair of platforms, and my old tattoo choker necklace to flaunt at the concert tonight. I'll let you guys know how it goes!

Pleaser platforms
Forever21 sequined dress
Uh, Fashion Jewelery Necklace (?) choker
Ricola throat lozenges (for after you do all your screaming)