Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fresh Junk: Kara Janx Skirt


This summer, I filled out one of those voucher things that my airline sent me for free magazines. Apparently, I got a little too free-magazine happy, and ended up subscribing to a dozen separate publications. Now, our living room coffee table is overflowing with glossies that run the gamut from "The Economist", to "Entertainment Weekly" to "Wired" and "Bazaar". I'm sure my roommates are a little irked about the inundation, but at least they're never going to run out of reading material, right? Yesterday was crazy--we received four magazines in the mail, and one of them, "Radar", showcased this lovely little Kara Janx skirt (remember her from Project Runway?) on Angela Mi Young Hur, author of "The Queens of K-Town". Angela wears it as a dress, which I think is just way too freakin' adorable.


evie said...

i remember kara and i remember THAT skirt which i saw on her website. i love it for its versatility as is proven here by angela and that it's made from this gorgeous gold fabric! i cannot hate gold anything!

ChiliLady said...

That skirt looks great on every fashion shoot, but in public you would look like a solar-powerded robot with this.