Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Channeling: Perrier Water


I'm a sucker for good advertising. I've been known to get misty eyed after cute commercials, and I sometimes find myself looking at ads in magazines more than the editorials. That said, mad props to Perrier for rebranding themselves. Their new plastic bottles and quippy ads have no longer got me feeling like a silk-jumpsuit wearing, fake-nailed Dynasty geriatric when I drink the stuff. That said, it's also super tasty when you mix it with flavored syrup and half-and-half (an Italian Cream Soda, anyone?) Anyways, channel the drink by dressing in pseudo classy stuff like Maxim Velcovsky's red-cup glassware, a mushroom beanie (an update from a stuffy beret), and a cocktail ring that looks like it's worth ten times than you paid for it.

Here's the fun part. In the comments section, make up your own "Perrier" campaign. "Sexier's" got the man shaving his chest, "Riskier's" got the woman showering in the tub. Come up with your own, and I'll mail the winner a "Manlier" shirt (shown on the bottom left).

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