Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Channeling: Guitar Hero


It's a sad day today in my house: roommate Will is taking away the second guitar for our Guitar hero. But, there's still a few hours left before he leaves for home, so until then, I'm going balls to the wall and Guitar Hero-ing until my fingers fall off. I admit, my affinity for the game might have gotten a little out of control--I find myself humming "Knight of Cydonia" in poli sci discussion, dream about those little colored donuts all night long, and sometimes I legitimately worry (after an especially focused sess) that the whole "room getting all warpy and wavey" thing will actually be permanent. Hell, I even threw a mini shit fit when Serena on Gossip Girl fake played her way to a "You Rock!". But, there's something so infinitely satisfying to a might-be-OCD-personality about hitting all the notes on your solos. Whatever the case, in the event that you find yourself in a Guitar Hero situation, throw on your sickest booties (but remember, Guitar Heroes have stability--don't be wearing something that you're going to be wobbling in), keep your Visine tucked away in something glam, and make sure your IcyHot is within reach. Trust me. You're going to need it.

Topshop clutch
Kenneth Jay Lane bangle
Steve Madden boots
Busted Tees tee


Anonymous said...

Haha, don't worry, I threw a shit fit about Serena too. What a horrible fake guitar heroist.

connie said...

she was terrriiiibbbblllleee

don't even pretend to hit the whammy bar when it's completely turned the opposite way.

annabel said...

oh god, when guitar hero 3 finally came out, i beat it the first day on hard and ended up unable to play for a week because i screwed up my left wrist!

3 Column Grid said...

IcyHot! Genius!

Oh damn I wanna get my hands on GH3 so damn bad! Damn!

Beth said...

I'll take the kid in the busted tees shirt ;)

Moira said...

I have the KJL bangle. It gives me enough TGRPWR that I don't really need "star power" to beat the easy level of Guitar Hero anymore.