Thursday, November 29, 2007

Channeling: Into the Woods


I was flipping through my roomie's camping pictures and although they look like they're having a blast (except for the one that Alec aptly dubbed "the one where we're fighting Charlie in Vee-it-nam"), I'm SO glad that I wasn't there. I couldn't imagine a worse time than spending a weekend trudging through dirt, mud, and newts (apparently) to set up a tent that you'll freeze in during the night, only to walk back to where you started. During my family's Yellowstone vacation, I was the one who slept in the car. That said, I have an unnatural attraction to things with a rugged feel. Even if you'll never find me actually using a pair of hiking boots and Patagonia backpack for its actual purposes, you will see me "roughin'" it up to classes in platform Chloe boots and buffalo plaid tops.

Girlprops necklace
Twelve by Twelve dress
Delias scarf
Topshop hat
Chloe boots
Marykate Olsen in a peacock feather headband (and although I know that peacocks aren't exactly woodland creatures, they live in the wild I think, damnit.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Channeling: Perrier Water


I'm a sucker for good advertising. I've been known to get misty eyed after cute commercials, and I sometimes find myself looking at ads in magazines more than the editorials. That said, mad props to Perrier for rebranding themselves. Their new plastic bottles and quippy ads have no longer got me feeling like a silk-jumpsuit wearing, fake-nailed Dynasty geriatric when I drink the stuff. That said, it's also super tasty when you mix it with flavored syrup and half-and-half (an Italian Cream Soda, anyone?) Anyways, channel the drink by dressing in pseudo classy stuff like Maxim Velcovsky's red-cup glassware, a mushroom beanie (an update from a stuffy beret), and a cocktail ring that looks like it's worth ten times than you paid for it.

Here's the fun part. In the comments section, make up your own "Perrier" campaign. "Sexier's" got the man shaving his chest, "Riskier's" got the woman showering in the tub. Come up with your own, and I'll mail the winner a "Manlier" shirt (shown on the bottom left).

Monday, November 26, 2007

Just Purchased: Alexander Wang Dress

<dress copy

I am having a minor panic attack right now because I have never in my life spent so much money on one item of clothing (panicpanicpanicpanic), but I have an incredible gift certificate to Shopbop and this dress is absolutely wonderful. Please note the pleating, the yellow underslip, the cute little vesty thing, and the wonderful looking crepe fabric. Wrong decision? Bad mistake? Perhaps $500 is a bit too much to spend on a dress, but guys. Lookit. And whatever--I can always return it?

Really Obsessed With: Statement Necklaces


Apologies for the lack of blogging over Thanksgiving weekend. I took a nice break from my laptop and spent my time doing thing I haven't done in a while. Like sleep until three. And eat meat at every meal. And pretend I'm a Top Model in front of my bedroom mirror to a playlist of terrible 80's synth music. Oh, and shop. I shopped and shopped and shopped until I had receipts coming out of my ears. The store that I did the most damage in was (surprise surprise) that terribly dangerous Forever21 afflilate jewelry store, ForLove21. The bulk of my purchases consisted of huge statement necklaces. I figure that if I'm wearing my gigantic AA t-shirts every single day, I might as well fool everyone and pretend that I'm a classy bitch by wearing a flashy rhinestone collar or gemstone bib.

From left (ludicrously expensive Day Birger Et Mikkelsen from Netaporter; jeweled bib and gold leaf necklace from Topshop; black lucite necklace, gold plate necklace, rhinestone collar from Forever21; Paul and Joe collar from Netaporter)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Channeling: Guitar Hero


It's a sad day today in my house: roommate Will is taking away the second guitar for our Guitar hero. But, there's still a few hours left before he leaves for home, so until then, I'm going balls to the wall and Guitar Hero-ing until my fingers fall off. I admit, my affinity for the game might have gotten a little out of control--I find myself humming "Knight of Cydonia" in poli sci discussion, dream about those little colored donuts all night long, and sometimes I legitimately worry (after an especially focused sess) that the whole "room getting all warpy and wavey" thing will actually be permanent. Hell, I even threw a mini shit fit when Serena on Gossip Girl fake played her way to a "You Rock!". But, there's something so infinitely satisfying to a might-be-OCD-personality about hitting all the notes on your solos. Whatever the case, in the event that you find yourself in a Guitar Hero situation, throw on your sickest booties (but remember, Guitar Heroes have stability--don't be wearing something that you're going to be wobbling in), keep your Visine tucked away in something glam, and make sure your IcyHot is within reach. Trust me. You're going to need it.

Topshop clutch
Kenneth Jay Lane bangle
Steve Madden boots
Busted Tees tee

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Phillip Lim's Mini Me's


Jesus fucking christ christ als;dkfjdksfjd look at shittttt fuck lookit look fuuuuck my liiiifeeee babies babies fuckkkk.

Sometimes there's really nothing that can describe something as cute as Phillip Lim's children's holiday line than with a good deal of cursing. I've never given child rearing much thought, but after sitting in front of my computer drooling over the prospects of matching my outfits with my perfectly formed 5-7 year old daughter, I'm ready to buck up, find me a sperm donor, and get me preggy. This also may be the PMS / biological clock speaking, but please just let me be hormonal and squealy for a moment because I haven't been this entranced by an image in an really long time.

I need to get out of the house more often.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Horse Print


I was never a Saddle Club or Thoroughbred kind of girl. In fact, the only real experiences I've had with horses ended in tears and a trip to the ER (don't worry, the horse did nothing wrong--the electric fence on the other hand...). But when you get me around horse print merch? Hold me back ladies and gents, there's little stopping me from riding this trend into the sunset (ha). Avoid light wash denim, straw things and cowboy boots when rocking the trend. You don't actually want to look like you just rolled out of the stable.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Channeling: Ssttresssss


Don't think that I've been neglecting you, lovely readers. I've actually just been piled under a mountain of readings, papers, midterms, assignments and chores. Hell, I don't even have time for my daily dose of Guitar Hero anymore. College is hard. But fret not, I assure you that while I'm hermit-ing myself in the library along with my fellow crusty-eyed stressed-out students, I'm definitely looking much cuter than they are. Like throwing strike-outs or buying lottery tickets, I believe that effective studying requires ritualistic rites. For example, I always need a hood tied under my chin if I'm going to buckle down. I throw in a couple of focus foxes to keep concentration and my thermos of coffee has to be placed on my left side. Why? I have no idea. Stress coping mechanisms? Shady signs of OCD? Perhaps, but all I know is that you should probably just bear with me for awhile--or at least until next Monday when my twelve pager on developmental communications in Singapore is turned in.

Also, I am incredibly amused by the Benjamin Franklin stress ball.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fresh Junk: Scarves


Pashminas are my winter staple, but lately, I've been getting hella bored with them. The bolero knot, the neck-brace, the one-loop-dangle, the snowman--I've done them all. Thank god for Fotolog user, am_lu who shows us a cute way to get more mileage out of them. Topshop and Forever21 have some rad belts right now (I'm crushing pretty hard on the gold snake one). Keep what you're wearing underneath simple to showcase your scarf. Hell, if you've really got the gonads, wear nothing at all underneath. Except for pants. Pants are of extreme importance

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Channeling: Facebook's Demise


News surrounding the Facebook / UConnect court cases have been keeping me on edge for awhile now. I have complete faith that Lord Zuckerberg will be able to pull out of this one, but if he doesn't, we all have to prepare for the Facebook apocalypse. A resolution will be met by the end of next week, so until then, I'm going to be doing some major trolling. What does that mean for my wardrobe? Slippers, socks, robes and huge t-shirts. Hey, even if I've going to spending the next week in comfort mode, it doesn't mean I have to look like crap while doing it.

Topshop robe
Hansel from Basel socks
Chloe shirt
HP laptop (and yes that's a screenshot)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fresh Junk: Kara Janx Skirt


This summer, I filled out one of those voucher things that my airline sent me for free magazines. Apparently, I got a little too free-magazine happy, and ended up subscribing to a dozen separate publications. Now, our living room coffee table is overflowing with glossies that run the gamut from "The Economist", to "Entertainment Weekly" to "Wired" and "Bazaar". I'm sure my roommates are a little irked about the inundation, but at least they're never going to run out of reading material, right? Yesterday was crazy--we received four magazines in the mail, and one of them, "Radar", showcased this lovely little Kara Janx skirt (remember her from Project Runway?) on Angela Mi Young Hur, author of "The Queens of K-Town". Angela wears it as a dress, which I think is just way too freakin' adorable.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Check the Hotties: Halloween Parties


I hold my fellow broke-ass college bro's and ho's to a fairly high standard during Halloween, which means, I hold those who don't have to make a decision between eating Ramen or eating Easy Mac to an even higher standard. This weekend's Halloween parties completely lived up to my expectations: check the elaborate chandelier costume (hooott), the birthday cake and shoe head thing (I'm not sure what they are, but it's rad, nonetheless), the Magritte painting, and everyone's favorite skeletor, Uncle Karl. But even the rich and famous are sometimes afflicted with the novelty headband and fishnets syndrome: what the hell, bumblebee, Playboy bunny, cowboy, and a Donald-Trump-Whore-Thing? Tsk, tsk. I expected better.