Monday, October 1, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Green Outerwear


Growing up, I’ve always been mad attracted to the color green. It connotes everything that I ever wanted to be as a woman: earthy and mysterious, full of lore and elegance, and way too classy to be dealing with anything other than her cadre of fairies and mushroom babies (that might be stretching it). It’s too bad that I can’t stand getting “earthy”, I’m one of the most unmysterious people there are, and I have 0% Irish blood in me so I seriously doubt if I’d have the same effect on magical woodland creatures. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t still dress like it. I’m on the lookout for an inky emerald cover-up that’d translate perfectly with the woodsy, crisp feel of fall. If I could, I’d get the metallic-y Alexander Wang coat that Nylon editor Aya Kanai is sporting on The Sartorialist.

From top:
Camilla and Marc coat
Fendi coat


Jamie said...


Anonymous said...

I'll second that "love." ..especially towards girl-to-the-left green coat.

x. Lucy @ GlamChic

Candid Cool said...

that military coat is very cool.

Anonymous said...

Lovely color!! Last week, I bought similar kind of coat from Brooks Brothers store at very reasonable price...