Monday, October 22, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Crew Necks


You know that inadvertent authority figure in your life who, despite all your efforts to silence, always manages to interject their annoying little voices in your conscious during the most inappropriate times. In my case, the voice is Bridget from the Fashionista Diaries--a person that is so coke-chic-Barbie-legged-raspy-up-talk-asdljflask that I want to yak all over SoapNet. And what does she say? "Ew? Like v-necks are so over? Puh-leeaasse." And while I'm picking out t-shirts from American Apparel, I'm waging this little inner war with Bridget about the cute-ness of my V-necks. But then again, maybe she has a point. MK Olsen has the most beautiful, sheer, oversized crew that she wore to the Tonight Show, and lovelies on Facehunter have been tucking them into patterned skirts and high waisted bottoms. Get (cheap) ones by the bulk from Hanes (the lightweight kind, to avoid looking too thug).

Sidenote: for any of you hailing from San Diego, my thoughts are with you and your family (and I am working very hard on sending bad vibes to the forest fire).


alysha mccarthy said...

crew necks all the way

Candid Cool said...

i love a simple white t.