Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Prep the Themester: B.C.E.


To anonymous with the upcoming B.C.E. dance: Can I first say how much I envy you for going to a school with some sense of creativity? Secondly, there’s such a range of costumes that you could go as. Spice up normal toga costumes by adding character accessories. Perch an owl on your shoulder and you’re Athena. Attach branches to your arm and you’re Daphne. Cleopatra, that weird Roman Wolfmother thing, and an Amazon warrior are other rad (and hot) girl costumes. If you’re looking for something more creative (read: nerdy), go as a fictional character. While George Lucas may not have specified how long, a long, long time ago really was, I’m pretty sure you can argue your case to justify that Danish roll hairdo you've been dying to sport.


madison said...

what kind of boots are those? soo nice.

connie said...

minnetonka moccasins

sarah said...

this is sarah (formerly known as anonymous)--
woww thank you so much! that was fast! ive got a toga outfit together, thanks so much for the tips! keep up the great blog!