Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fresh Junk: Comme Des Garcons Topshop Archives


Fashion is cyclical---I'm sure we've all heard this thousands of time before, but I never realized the extent of this reinventing until I saw the newest additions to the Topshop Archives. There's something so modern about dressing "Like One of the Boys" that, with the right accessories, can take the 80's right out of these drapey dresses. Leave your pumps and leggings behind, and instead, think about tall platforms and bare legs.


3 Column Grid said...

Makes me think of the video for The Smiths "The Queen Is Dead". :)

alysha mccarthy said...
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Marty said...

At first I thought the post said something about communist garb. Which it should. Because that is what heather gray is, Communist garb(age).