Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Channeling: Bottles of Booze


Sarah asked "I've been invited to a (mandatory or die) Halloween party my best friend is throwing, and I have to dress up myself and a bottle of booze. Any ideas?" Two assumptions: one, you are poor and don't want to show up with a $200 bottle of vintage wine; two, you're not sharing, so bringing a handle of hard liquor is probably dumb. My suggestions: a forty or cheap, cheap bottle of wine (Two Buck Chuck, anyone?) is probably a smart move. A bottle of Mississippi Mud calls for a bayou-themed swamp costume. You should probably dress as a Minnie if your date is a Mickey's. Charles Shaw calls for a mix of high and low (think overalls and pearls). Dress as a 19th century steel tycoon if you bring a Steel Reserve. And a Colt 45 definitely warrants a cowboy hat. Hope this helps! And also? I AM SUPER JEALOUS.


Sarah said...

Wow, you're awesome!! Those are reeeally great ideas. Thanks so much! And fast as hell too! I'm very very impressed.

Marty said...

Really though? Have you even tried Colt 45?

SICK. said...

i am being minnie for halloween! but not bringing a bottle of mickey's with me, as i am very, very underage.


tess said...

love it. keep the costumes coming!

Queen of Suburbia T-Shirts said...

This site always makes me smile... in a complimentary way!