Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Celebrate Good Times: Halloween, Animal Style


My love of costumes and extrapolates far beyond themed parties. Fittingly, my favorite holiday is Halloween. Ever since I was little, I wasn’t content on settling on the mediocre “princess” or “witch” costume that everyone else had. I had to be “Daphne, Goddess of the Starry Sky” or “Johnny Appleseed’s Little-Known Female Companion, Lonnie Appleseed”, or “a camel”. Even today, I have little tolerance towards the ill-planned, hastily thrown together, slap-on-some-spankies-and-a-novelty-headband, and call it a costume, costume. What really gets my goat (you’ll appreciate my word choices in a second), is the popularity of prostitute animal costumes. Stand out in a sea of fishnets and cat ears by taking a normal sweatshirt and attaching eyes, ears, trunks, horns and teeth to the hood. A mess of yarn and a funnel could easily make a unicorn. Have a bit of cardboard and some felt? Turn it into a triceratops head. Or take a cue from this costume maestro and draw pupils on two Styrofoam balls and attach pipe cleaner antennae to your hood. Voila! Ms. Lobster at your service! Keep your outfit from looking too home ec by pairing them with colored shorts.

PS: This is going to be beginning of a series of costume tutorials on Halloween costumes.
PPS: The picture on the bottom right? That’s the first thing that came up when I googled “imagination”, and incidentally, the first ingredient you’ll need in creating your costume!
PPPS: God, I’m corny.


Sarah said...

Hooray! Thanks for the clever costume ideas!! I've been invited to a (mandatory or die) Halloween party my best friend is throwing, and I have to dress up myself and a bottle of booze, and I am very lacking in the "fistful of rainbows/butterflies/stars" department but I don't want to just dress like a slut like everyone else does. Any ideas for a bottle of booze costume?

connie said...

Aaahahaaa, that theme is fantastic. What a clever way to make BYOB not annoying. I'm writing a post about this like right now.