Saturday, September 22, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Tabards


You know that outfit in your closet that you always end up going for when you feel incapable of mustering even an ounce of creativity? But whoever says that this outfit has to be boring clearly doesn't understand--with a little planning, there's no need to look how you feel. The only stipulations: it has to be cute no matter how bloated you may think you look and comfy enough to deter you from grabbing your rattiest sweatshirt. My outfit: a pair of black cigarette jeans and my knitted tabard. My tabard is a vintage gray thing with this rouched embroidery along the neckline. Make sure yours is made of a textured fabric to keep yourself from looking like the fourth Musketeer, and drapes correctly (none of that pregnant thing now, you hear?)

1 comment:

SICK. said...

my favourite is the grey tabard, it's so nice.
i've been searching for the perfect thick knit sweater forever, and i've yet to find one.
my guess is that i'll end up finding the ideal sweater, but it'll be by alexander wang.
because he is the sweater messiah.