Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mad Delusions: Swarovski for Phillips


Yikes. Usually I avoid Swavorski like the plague (something about the crystal menageries creep me out), but this is one instance where I’ll put my prejudices behind me. Truth be told, my earbuds are probably my most worn accessory, and although black does go with everything, there’re some days when I want them to make a statement. And no, not the kind of statement that says “I have spastic dance/seizures” or “Look at me! I DJ during my off hours! Have you heard of the band Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators, because they’re so my most played on!!” Ew. Whatever the case, these are hella out of my price range, but someone’s birthday is coming up (ahem, ahem), and I think that these might make a nice surprise (hint, hint).

Get yours (or mine) at


cat who got the cream said...

I kind of like a obvious blingy way (and I do not like bling normally)

Marty said...

"Don't take them off when she's tearing up the covers" . . . Just a song this post reminded me of.

Anonymous said...

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