Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Inspired By: Marc Jacob's Whimsy


The fashion arena is tantamount to a gladiator’s coliseum: on one side, you’re battling the dowdy fugtards (sorry) to prove that fashion’s got legitimacy—that a couture Dior is comparable to a Botticelli; and on the other, you’re trying to persuade all the holier-than-thou fashionista’s to lighten up. After all, fashion’s supposed to be fun. Thank god we have Marc fighting on the other side. His latest runway show (which was all run backwards--with his bow first, than his collection from 56-1, finished by a mad dash to the exit by Ms. Wintour and Bee) was whimsical, surreal and full of levity, not to mention splashed by a whit of 3rd grade boyish humor. His “too-small” shoes were optical illusions, his bags were crazy amalgams of purses of all shapes and sizes, the models wore halos atop their sex hair and (the pieces de resistance) cutout underwear and nipples were cheekily placed upon matronly pieces. Marc Jacobs? Master of wit, architect of satire, purveyor of the surreal! I like seriously bow down to thee (like really).


3 Column Grid said...

*bows as well*

I get butterflies in my stomach the day before his shows. M by MJ tonight! Wooo! Guys stuff! Wooo!

Marty said...

You've used 'THAN' out of context. It should be 'THEN'

WendyB said...

The bag reminds me of the very expensive Louis Vuitton bag that everyone hates so much.

Anonymous said...

Oh hush, Marty. She can't be perfect all the time.

Caitlin said...

Those shoes are SO cool. I especially like the ones that have the horizontal heel!!

Ada said...

ya gotta luv marc.