Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mad Delusions: Swarovski for Phillips


Yikes. Usually I avoid Swavorski like the plague (something about the crystal menageries creep me out), but this is one instance where I’ll put my prejudices behind me. Truth be told, my earbuds are probably my most worn accessory, and although black does go with everything, there’re some days when I want them to make a statement. And no, not the kind of statement that says “I have spastic dance/seizures” or “Look at me! I DJ during my off hours! Have you heard of the band Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators, because they’re so my most played on!!” Ew. Whatever the case, these are hella out of my price range, but someone’s birthday is coming up (ahem, ahem), and I think that these might make a nice surprise (hint, hint).

Get yours (or mine) at

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Channeling: Secret Agent


The roommates and I may or may not be embarking on a super-rad, epic mishy mish (aka Operation Wednesday Night) that may or may not involve fireworks, abandoned lots, and a large amount of Jack. I may or may not decide to look my stealthy best for this thing that may or may not be happening. But hypothetically speaking, if I was going to the event of the century, I’d probably have to dress in something black (to hide from the hypothetical fuzz), body clinging (to perform hypothetical dodging and jumping stunts) and fire retardant (I’m not going to try to explain this one). In case you and your friends are thinking about also going on a theoretical secret espionage-y act, here’s your basic Alias wardrobe. But, LEAVE THE FIREWORKS AT HOME: my roommates and I are dumb and reckless and deserve any accidental burn marks that may or may not occur. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Pretty legit does not claim any responsibility for anything stupid her readers might do after this post (except, of course, in the case of this resulting in a exceptionally sick time, you can direct your props over here).

Topshop jacket and gloves
Doc Marten boots
Spyworld night vision camera
First Aid kit
American Apparel bodysuit

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Lace Up Boots


I was in the fifth grade when Doc Martens were the be-all and end-all. I spent a lot of time pining away for my own pair of brown-laced Club 5's, but Mommy Legit couldn't imagine spending so much money on a pair of feet that outgrew their shoes every six months. But dream I did, and dream I'm still doing--I pass by the same storefront window each day on my way to campus and imagine myself wearing these cute little 8 button floral printed Docs. The way I see it, there's two ways to go concerning lace-up boots. To preserve your femininity without losing butch appeal, either opt for a mannish pair in a girly color, or a girlish shape with mannish hardware. Either way, you'll be making my fifth grade self very happy.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Channeling: Gossip Girl


I caved. I mean, how many tv shows can a full time student really keep up with? But last night’s procrastination got the best of me and I finally surrendered to the hype and watched Gossip Girl. The verdict? Satisfyingly, mind-numbingly sugary trash tv—my all time favorite genre. It’s what I’ve always imagined New England prep school to be like (uniforms, calligraphy, and lots of hash), and the best part? The Clueless-for-the-new-millennium outfits on all the girls. Chanel jackets, Tory Burch dresses and lots and lots of headbands—it almost makes up for the superfluous use of those bitchy silences.

Forever 21 headband
Tory Burch sequiened dress
Thomas Pink white shirt
Urban Outfitters ascot

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Tabards


You know that outfit in your closet that you always end up going for when you feel incapable of mustering even an ounce of creativity? But whoever says that this outfit has to be boring clearly doesn't understand--with a little planning, there's no need to look how you feel. The only stipulations: it has to be cute no matter how bloated you may think you look and comfy enough to deter you from grabbing your rattiest sweatshirt. My outfit: a pair of black cigarette jeans and my knitted tabard. My tabard is a vintage gray thing with this rouched embroidery along the neckline. Make sure yours is made of a textured fabric to keep yourself from looking like the fourth Musketeer, and drapes correctly (none of that pregnant thing now, you hear?)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Prep the Themester: 70's Funk


You may have noticed the inundation of themed party posts in the past few weeks have correlated with the decrease of the number of posts. Whoops. But it's Thirsty Thursday, after all, and what better way to spend the evening than getting hip to the jive with your fellow bros and hos? It's a lucky thing too since the 70's look is pretty popular in everyday wear. Just throw on the same high-waisted pants and American Apparel v-neck you wore that morning with some glittery stunnas and leather clogs and you're good to go. And PS? Anyone who has the cojones to slip into a pair of rollerskates is officially Pretty Legit's newest hero. Drunk skating? Yes, please.

Really Obsessed With: Shearling Coats


Hallelujah! Today marks the official first morning that it has felt like fall. Despite the sunshine, the air was crisp and chilly and everything smelled like wet leaves. But more importantly, I got to pull on my just purchased pair of thick wool tights which I've been stubbornly holding out for. But alas, when it rains, it pours: after emerging from my Game Theory class later on, I was disappointed to find that Berkeley's fall season was approximately 1.4 hours long. It was freezing, rainy, and way too miserable for my un-coated self. I've been huddled up in the (heated) library all afternoon eying coats from NET-A-PORTER and Topshop, but out of all the trendy bracelet sleeved, cocoon shaped, pleated, poufed and pinned contraptions out there, all I really wanted was a cuddly furry thing that I could bury my face in. Take Ms. Katie Bee's example: rock a vintage leather shearling coat and smile away those chills, goddammit!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fresh Junk: Elizabeth and James


There seems to be this large canyon between grungy and polished that only the super cool can fill. So it really hurts me to say this, but the same girls who got me through middle school sick-days are the same girls who are dominating this void. Ashley and MK? I've tried to hate your wide eyed bag lady thing, but your new Elizabeth and James line is soooo sick that any wisp of bad feelings have faded. You've made sculptural hoods seem so wearable, and flannel shirts seem classy, although, to be fair, I’ve never heard of a situation where “cocktail shorts” would be appropriate (at a black tie barbecue, perhaps?). Whatever the case, thanks for giving my fall wardrobe some direction. (But this doesn't mean I forgive you for New York Minute--oh god, what a travesty).

Monday, September 17, 2007

Prep the Themester: Party From the Future


It's so frustrating to go to a themed party and see someone who's purchased their entire outfit from a Halloween costume shop. Dude, anyone can go and buy a complete sexy Martian getup, but mad props to anyone that can turn a pile of cardboard and cans into a robot. The point is, there's no better arena in which to exhibit your Martha-ness than at a Future themed party. Where else are you going to be able to bump and grind with astronauts, aliens, and an of-age Shiloh Jolie-Pitt? Throw on your shortest metallic dress and accessorize with tin foil antennae, glow sticks and your favorite attachable fourth hand. And if nothing else, it's a more creative way to recycle all those Chef Boyardee tins you've been collecting.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mad Delusions: Jen Kao

jen kao

Seriously. In this getup, I'd be the hottest sci-fi watching, discotheque hopping, head shaking, eye batting, glamazon alien queen ever. I'm not kidding. Why isn't this mine? Jen Kao makes amazing conceptual (yet very wearable) pieces in a self-described "rough and tumble spirit" that's half Star-Trek princess, half metropolitan scenester (and half aldjfadlsfjlakjflasogoooooood).

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Inspired By: Marc Jacob's Whimsy


The fashion arena is tantamount to a gladiator’s coliseum: on one side, you’re battling the dowdy fugtards (sorry) to prove that fashion’s got legitimacy—that a couture Dior is comparable to a Botticelli; and on the other, you’re trying to persuade all the holier-than-thou fashionista’s to lighten up. After all, fashion’s supposed to be fun. Thank god we have Marc fighting on the other side. His latest runway show (which was all run backwards--with his bow first, than his collection from 56-1, finished by a mad dash to the exit by Ms. Wintour and Bee) was whimsical, surreal and full of levity, not to mention splashed by a whit of 3rd grade boyish humor. His “too-small” shoes were optical illusions, his bags were crazy amalgams of purses of all shapes and sizes, the models wore halos atop their sex hair and (the pieces de resistance) cutout underwear and nipples were cheekily placed upon matronly pieces. Marc Jacobs? Master of wit, architect of satire, purveyor of the surreal! I like seriously bow down to thee (like really).

Monday, September 10, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Echo Scarves


Picture this: you wake up at 9:50 am, realize that you have a class in twenty minutes (which is, unfortunately 25 minutes away) and suddenly find yourself in that uncomfortable yet very very necessary situation where you have to prioritize your personal hygiene routine. Teeth brushing? Probably necessary. Deodorant? Oh, god yes. Shower? Ha! Dear readers, if there's anything I've learned in my stint here in college, it's that even when your hair resembles an Exxon Mobile disaster, there is no need for wasting those few minutes in the shower. Simply tie a large scarf around your hair, pull on a pair of jeans and a blazer over your oversized pajama top, and get your ass moving. It's the oldest trick in the book: you end up looking meticulously disheveled (without the pains of meticulously getting there), and you have an excuse to stock up on loads and loads of Echo scarves (found in a consignment shop, near you!)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Celebrate Good Times: NY Fashion Week

fashionweek copy copy

I am so deeply, tragically embarrassed. Here, I’m posting on something as trivial as capelets (trivial maybe, but still hella rad), and it’s the most pivotal, exciting, HOLY SHIT day in fashion. Damnit, I really don’t deserve to keep a fashion blog—hell, I don’t even deserve to wear clothes. Readers, I’m so profoundly sorry. What did I do? I missed the beginning of fashion week! Wtf. But just look at the pretty, pretty outfits above and try to forgive me? I promise it won’t happen again, and meanwhile, I’ll be doing some heavy repenting by investing all my time reviewing runway shows and absolutely no time doing the things that usually take up my time (eating, minesweeper, and mackin’ on hotties).

Style trends for Spring? Russian princess, shades of nudes, and chiffons

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Capelets


Dilemma: you've got a pile of unworn sweaters and scarves and tights and knits, but donning one in this temperature would probably result in social suicide. Solution: capelets. The color and texture is the right idea for fall, but the beautiful thing about capelets is that it gives your sweaty bits a much needed breeze. Follow this Cobrasnake girl's lead: wear it over something dark and simple (and short, please. There's not need to stifle your naughty bits too).

Edit: upon further examination, I am inclined to say that she's actually just tied a plaid shirt around her neck. But, in either case, capelets are still hot. Yee.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fresh Junk: Mini Crossover Purses


It's the second week of school, my bag is approximately 382 lbs and all I can think about are these adorable mini crossover purses that all my friends brought back from their summer rendezvous in Europe. I seriously envy the kind of girl that can condense her life into a fist sized bag, and considering the daily aches and pains and premature back problems I'm giving myself (I'm sure), this bag doesn't just look cute and low-maintenance, but it's so incredibly utilitarian as well. And maybe forcing myself to get rid of the extra pair of shoes, two novels, computer mouse, makeup bag, yoga mat (and oh yeah, books and notebooks and this laptop a;ldkjflakd) might be a smart thing to do. (Also, for those true fashionistas out there--this translates perfectly to the whole fall thing--juxtapose your bulky layers with this simple, unfussy accessory. Trust me, your chiropractor will thank you).

From left: Topshop crossovers, vintage Dooney and Burkes (thanks Fops and Dandies), and the lovely Ms. Teenfashionista and her Coach crossover.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Prep the Themester: Tea Party


Granted, a high percentage of all themed parties thrown are thrown by fraternities, which explains the disproportional number parties with themes that encourage lingerie. That's why I'm always happy to attend something that's more about the pretty than the titties. And seriously, what girl isn't happy to attend a tea party? Throwing back shots in little teacups is both classy and crass, waving at people with your pinky finger's finally acceptable and, if you're lucky, a dapper Mr. Darcy will offer to fetch you a scone. But most importantly? There's finally an excuse to employ that lame British accent that you've been practicing. Cheerio!