Saturday, August 25, 2007

OMG, Why?: Pigeon Toes


If there's anything in the style world that I hate more than Cory Kennedy, it has to be the pigeon toed stance. It's sooo a favorite of masculine looking gals who feel the need to overcompensate their bedraggled looking selves by posing like a five year old kid. While the pigeon toers may think they're being all ironic and shit with their sex hair and innocent hip-cocked toe pointing, all it's doing is making them look annoying, whiny, and way too "I'm trying so hard to be hipster, can't you tell". Look at the two girls on the right. The clothing is kind of on par with the four on the left, but everything looks much less fussy and altogether confident.

Side note: Rori, this is not a personal attack directed to your perpetual pigeon toes because, alas, you are always awkward and ironic and have been living the pigeon life since infancy. All these other bitches be jealous.


lc said...

Funny, I always associated pigeon toes with the Japanese, not hipsters. Either way, it must be stopped.

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Rori said...

Thanks for the clarification. My self-esteem can only take so much, you know?

ME!!! said...


The Frocker said...

oh my GOD i hate that too!!! grr.

Candid Cool said...

I confess I've done it w/o realizing, and it does make your legs look better. But I don't see the last 2 girl on the right doing it. But most of the time it is annoying on a certain "look" I don't know the labels.

FemmeNoire said...

I don't understand why a woman would stand like this either.

Anonymous said...

ive been saying this for my whole life!!
thanks for finally clarifying that horrible trend!

Anonymous said...

more than likely YOU'RE a hipster yourself...srsly though ahaha
anyway i stand like that so my thighs won't touch when i take full bod. pictures...not because i'm 'trying sooo hard to be a hipster'

ariel b. said...

...I stand pigeon toed naturally. I always have, I also walk slightly pigeon toed....

Anonymous said...

I'm pigeon toed so I naturally stand like that. I can't stand how everyone attacks the pigeon toed stance. Has it ever occured to anyone that maybe these girls actually are just pigeon toed?

Dan C said...

Wow, no one who posted a comment that I read got what you were saying AT ALL.

I completely sympathize with your frustration and actually found this post by doing a search for 'pigeon toe hipsters' to see if what I was noticing recently was noticed by anyone else.

While some people walk naturally pigeon toed, this is a case of people changing the way that they stand to look more hip.

I have heard that a similar thing happened in the 90's when Sheryl Crow got really big. Her upper lip is angled sharply and reveals her front teeth in a 'totally sexy' way. Many girls actually practiced changing their upper lip's normal stance to emulate her.

Anyway, big kudos to you for both noticing this phenomenon and posting something about it with great backup pictures.

Wendy said...

I'm pigeon toed and I hate the way that people are trying to pretend its hip.
Do they want to wear pressure bandages half the time because their knee caps pop out? never wear heels because their ankles could never take it?
Pigeon toes are a sign of bone deformity in adults (though quite common in children, in adults indicates conditions such as scoliosis and poor hip alignment), I wore legs braces as a child, I don't like being mocked by these dickheads in this way.

Anonymous said...

agreed! fuck those indie-hipster-emo-whateverthefucktheyare cunts, i hate em all soo much! just be yourself stupid bitches!
nice blog

Oscar said...

Being a guy, I like it! In particular when my girlfriend and I are getting it on her little toes point inward. This really turns me on and it drives me wild! If she's wearing heels it makes her look so sexy and sensual. She tells me that being pigeoned toed makes her feel that her body opens up for my assault.

Anonymous said...

Know what I hate? When people accuse me of doing it to be cute. It's happened.
People could at least bother to put their ignorance aside long enough to note I also WALK that way. Hint hint.
My feet have been this way all my life. I've tried to make them cooperate, but by middle school I was sick of it and just decided to accept that one foot would always point inward.

Actually, I'm fine with the silly trend, but how about if you wish to pose that way, you must also walk like that. Fair's fair. I have to do it.

karinova said...

Ugh. The trend of affecting a pigeon-toed stance has been driving me increasingly nuts for at least a decade. I mentally refer the syndrome as "doofy-foot." It is clearly an affectation, because 1) you never— ever!— see men standing that way; 2) you never see doofy-footed women actually walking that way; and 3) you rarely saw it at all until about 8-10 years ago.* Now it's epidemic.
Let's be honest. There is only one reason for it: children are often temporarily pigeon-toed, and women are supposedly more attractive if they look/act like children.

Personally I don't think mild pigeon-toes is particularly unattractive, but the fakery of posing doofy-foot is. It makes women look awkward, weak, clumsy, timid and insecure. It screams "I don't want to be taken seriously!!" It's one thing when 12-year-old girls are fronting like this— trying to back away from imminent womanhood even as they embrace it. It's another thing entirely when 20- and 30-year-old women are doing it.

Also? I wouldn't want a guy who thinks my looking "assaultable" is a plus anywhere near me. I'm looking at you, Oscar. When I was a pre-teen (late 80s), it was all about standing in Third Position— heel of one foot touching the the instep of the other in a perfect 90° angle. Which, now that I think of it, is a much stronger pose somehow. Maybe because it's so much more stable? (At any rate, it was a childish affectation, and we were all over it by the time we were 14.)

*Doofy-foot has lately reached epic proportions in Japan (much more than before) as many young women surrender completely to the Kult of Kawaii ("cuteness") and its attendant childification. I associate a certain amount of Japanophilia (particularly in regard to fashion/clothing and overall "look") with hipsterism. Perhaps the recent explosion of Western hipster doofy-foot is related?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad so many others feel my pain on this. My hatred for this trend peaked on seeing an illustration of Audrey Hepburn in Frankie, an Australian hipster-indie-cutesie magazine, where she was given the indignity of being drawn in a dumpy twee dress and worst of all, a self-consciously 'adorable' pigeon toed stance. The epitome of a classy, elegant woman with timeless style reduced to their vision of a cool hipster. Gaaah!

Anonymous said...

I'm offended by this post and many of your comments! I am a grown women and yes, I am pigeon toed! I don't try to walk/stand like that, I can't help it, and it is honestly quite inconvenient and embarrassing! I hope many of these women aren't trying to do this to themselves(I can't imagine how you could). I like see more women like myself represented, it makes my 'defect' feel not so bad.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

personally i'd like to say i have had pigeon toed left foot since i was a kid and i can't help that i stand and walk that way lol maybe some of the people you see in the pictures suffer the same problem

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joeyandfreddy said...

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Wrinkle Cream said...

I am a grown women and yes, I am pigeon toed! I don't try to walk/stand like that, I can't help it, and it is honestly quite inconvenient and embarrassing! I hope many of these women aren't trying to do this to themselves(I can't imagine how you could). I like see more women like myself represented, it makes my 'defect' feel not so bad.

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Anonymous said...

I doubt very much if the celebrities/models who pose pigeon-toed really suffer from having to spend their every day trying to cope with the actual condition. I can't imagine how these people believe it is any way attractive to deliberately pose this way for public photos. Oh! And what is it with the "peepee dance" pose? Is it like, "Please hurry and snap your shots so I can run off this red carpet to the nearest loo!"?

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being pigeon toed myself I know first hand what its like to be abused by people calling you 'spackered' its disgusting I cant help it either its not something people do for 'fashion' they don't choose to do it they cant help it

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Anonymous said...

I can't imagine the pigeon toe hate is directed towards people who are naturally pigeon toed and cannot help their condition (right?!). The hate is towards pigeon toes as an affectation.