Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mad Delusions: Home Decor by Area

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I've been working hard on glamming my pad up, but with three roommates (with distinctly different tastes) and a limited budget, my living room is more "hospice/crack den" than a page out of Domino. If it were up to Will, we'd be living in an Ikea catalogue. Sarah prefers her home (and everything in it) painted a delicious shade of American Apparel cranberry. As for me? Here it is: the entire contents of Auto's website. Colorful Missoni textiles, graphic print throws, quirky/kitschy pieces, and lots and lots books. And I SO WOULD decorate the entire house with things like this, but considering that the floral print pillow is itself near $200, I might have to do with my collection of hand-painted hipstersaurus figurines. One-of-a-kind art: that's got to count for something, right?

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