Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fresh Junk: Cloche Hats


I was on the lookout for a fall/winter hat that's a little more structured than my collection of knit hats. These cute felt cloches are perfect for keeping my head warm and balancing out the masculine-y feel of my fall wardrobe. I just recently popped into Urban Outfitters (who is having a super rad sale now a;lkdjflakd yes yes), and saw that their entire lot of cloches were on the sale racks (wtf). With the additional 50% off on sale items, the hat wasn't more than $10. It seems that this hat has skipped right over the Misshapes crowd and right into the pages of Vogue, which, if you ask me, makes wearing one WAY less annoying.

Sidenote: The only way that I can read the September Vogue is propped up on my desk like a textbook because it like hurts if it's lying on my body. That's how freakin' massive it is.


WendyB said...

Cute hats!

viagra said...

cut hats do you have a link to the online store ? I want a couple to pass this cold winter honey!