Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Channeling: Sock Monkey

sock monkey

Lately, I've been in a bit of a funk--and I totally wish I meant the kind of funk which makes you spontaneously grow a soul patch and develop a deep and rolling kind of voice when throwing out the word "cat" and "righteous". I mean, all I can think about when I'm attending upper div classes/mopping the floors/buying toilet paper/writing checks for bills is how I wished I was five again and ruling the school playground in my Sesame Street jumper and converse high tops. But, I have a feeling that this thirst for nostalgia doesn't just stop at me: amidst all the sophisticated suits and structured dresses on the runways, there's a smattering of whimsical pieces. The best of the bunch? Those thick and cozy and knitty a la Mr. Sock Monkey. Pull your monstrous knitted top together with red tights, thick socks and a goofy smile (and avoid tattered black tights and too much eyeliner if you want to avoid looking like a MK Olsen circa '05 clone).

Topshop cardigan
Delias hat
We Love Colors tights
Rockford socks


lc said...

hey I was wondering, do you actually own a pair of WLC tights? I have a few, and they bleed in the wash. Do you have this problem?

Jamie said...

What a great post! So cute.

connie said...

Hey lc--I do have a few pairs. But uh, this is embarrassing, and uh, I haven't exactly washed mine yet? But with something so color saturated, we'd probably better just hand wash them (sucky sucky balls).

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog a week ago and I absolutely love it. Addiction at its finest. Keep doing what you're doing.

connie said...

Thanks anon! (It's also quite addicting to maintain...)

WendyB said...

Great post and photo selection!

Anonymous said...

AH! What a great post. I adore, adore, adore the sock monkey theme; something so new, yet so old. Original.

x.Lucy @ GlamChic Glam.com

Anonymous said...

your blog is amazing, i check it everyday.
one question though, ive always wondered how you add multiple images on photoshop to make one big image.. like your posts.