Friday, July 13, 2007

Roadtesting Trends: The Turban

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Now that I've accepted my newfound skills as a badass domestic goddess (dudes, I totally waxed the floor today, reupholstered a couch, AND read Domino magazine), I thought that I might as well start dressing like one. When I first saw the turban on the Prada runway, I actually laughed. But months down the road, and after being inured to its Suzie-housemaker look, I actually kind of like it. It keeps the hair away from my face when I'm tacking on the fabric from beneath the couch, and it totally mopped up the sweat from my brow when I was mopping up the spilt tequila from the floor. Try it yourself with tips from last month's Jane.

Sidenote? I'm going to miss you so much, Janey babe. Why you gotta leave me?

(Edit: I just realized that you can't actually read the steps. First, find a longish scarf. Second, tie the scarf on the front of your head, then crisscross the ends and tuck them into the sides.)


teenfashionista said...

Does Domino inspire you to look at real estate, plan out future furniture purchases, dream up new wall-painting adventures, and wish that you were grown up enough to start building a nice, stylish homestead?

Uh, maybe that's just me.

la petite fashionista said...

haha i get those sudden urges to a desperate housewife haha. THANK you for the turban tying directions ! you totally rock it like rosie (the riveter :D)

selinaoolala said...

this is the most wearable version i've seen!

connie said...

Thank you! For those too pussy to actually do a turban (me), a faux headband/turban thing does the trick just fine.

And teenfashionista? YES, YES YES.

gaurav said...

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