Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Wool Skinnies

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It seems that whenever fall rolls around, fashion houses everywhere "discover" that grey is hot for the season, tights and stockings are (gasp) the perfect way to wear skirts without freezing to death, and thick fabrics like wool and tweed look so refreshing when contrasted lighter materials (NO WAYalkdjgkj). But, while these new “trends” may not be completely fresh, it is refreshing to pack away those tired summer dresses and start layering. As prompted by cutie-pie LC from Fops and Dandies, and Lela Rose’s Fall ’08 line, I’m kind of on the lookout for that perfect pair of wool skinnies (it’d be a nice change from all those wide legged wool trousers—plus, I’m too short to wear anything beyond a bootcut). Stay smart by making sure it cuts right at the ankle.

From left: Miss Sixty, Chloe, Tina Kalivas, Antonio Berardi (side note: these are WAY too expensive for me, but I haven't found a cheaper version yet. Can anyone out there scavenge something affordable?)


lc said...

hey, that's me!

those are actually Cheap Mondays that are this odd brown/grey color with gold flecks. i got them on sale for $30, so maybe you can get your hands on some, too, without having to suffer in the heat sweating in wool pants.

brooke said...

love them!

Cult Of Couture said...

I love this look! It's more classic than the traditional skinny jean

Anonymous said...

just got a black pair from UK urban outfitters. They're amazing!