Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fresh Junk: Paper-bag Waist Skirts

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For someone as morbidly and embarrassingly broke as I am, it's really NOT a good idea to be working in an environment where you're "forced" to look at more runway shows and NET-A-PORTER items than you have time for. It's a weird sort of torture to be working with thousand dollar pieces and go home to dine on Raman and Cinnamon Toast Waffles. Case in point: this GORGEOUS silk skirt from Prada that's been popping up on Satorialist girls since last winter (as well as a cute Alexander Wang that I've been coveting). I tried to recreate this look by bunching up a skirt that's a few sizes to big with a belt, but all it did was make me look like I had a cottage cheese ass. This Topshop skirt is a few steps down from the Prada, but considering my bank account, this might have to do.


brooke said...

this isnt really that "fresh" of it, nonetheless

Aisha said...

I really like these high waisted skirts. I want one too, but they haven't came out here yet.

Aisha @

Queen of Suburbia said...

I don't mind this trend at all, I may even treat myself to one!

princessj said...

I torture myself with net-a-porter almost everyday lol

check out my shopping blog :)

Anonymous said...

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