Friday, July 6, 2007

Channeling: Transformers

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Is anyone else as excited about the new Transformers as I am? Really, I've been singing that "robots in disguise" song for weeks now. And, instead of channeling my obsession towards pissing my roommates off (sorry Will and Sarah), I've instead focused on directing it more important things. Like clothing. So, if you're into, you know, dressing up for midnight showings and whatnot, make sure you embrace the whole plastic, hot robot thing. To pull it off, consider the following:

Kurt Geiger shoes
Topshop skirt
Forever21 camisole
Ksubi sunglasses


la petite fashionista said...

ah, i actually saw this last night with my dad. i really liked it, i was suprised. i've been uber inspired by the lead girl character, her gorgeous dark hair & blue eyes, it makes me wanna go 5 shades darker!


Belinda said...

I LOVED love loved the movie! my inner child was squealing through out the whole thing!

L. said...

Pretty much the best post ever. I wanna be a transformer!

Eve said...

You are a genius. Perfect giddup for 80s throwback robot action flick.