Sunday, July 29, 2007

Channeling: Harold

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Just like Lolita, Harold and Maude is one of those things that makes you think that love can transcend age--until you snap out of that literary daydream and realize, "Oh god. Eeeww". To counter the heebie-jeebies you might get from the post-coital bubble-blowing scene, take a looksee at Harold's style. Take a cue from Mr. GILF with sweaters, scarves and heavy jackets in thick fabrics.

Trench: Karen Walker
Bloody boys T: Built by Wendy
Blazer: Topshop
Highwaisted jeans: Topshop


Joanne said...

Ohmagawd. I LOVE this movie. Especially the end, since I used to drive by that cliff every single day going to school. lol.

(Oh, and 70s style is good. For the most part.)

teenfashionista said...

Mmmm, that blazer is deeeeeelish. Makes me want to replace the old buttons on my navy blazer.