Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Wool Skinnies

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It seems that whenever fall rolls around, fashion houses everywhere "discover" that grey is hot for the season, tights and stockings are (gasp) the perfect way to wear skirts without freezing to death, and thick fabrics like wool and tweed look so refreshing when contrasted lighter materials (NO WAYalkdjgkj). But, while these new “trends” may not be completely fresh, it is refreshing to pack away those tired summer dresses and start layering. As prompted by cutie-pie LC from Fops and Dandies, and Lela Rose’s Fall ’08 line, I’m kind of on the lookout for that perfect pair of wool skinnies (it’d be a nice change from all those wide legged wool trousers—plus, I’m too short to wear anything beyond a bootcut). Stay smart by making sure it cuts right at the ankle.

From left: Miss Sixty, Chloe, Tina Kalivas, Antonio Berardi (side note: these are WAY too expensive for me, but I haven't found a cheaper version yet. Can anyone out there scavenge something affordable?)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Inspired By: NY Fashion Week S/S08 Schedule

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Thanks to Frillr, we all get to peek at the latest schedule for NY Fashion Week S/S08. Most looked forward to: Vena Cava, Karen Walker, Rodarte, 3.1 Philip Lim, Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen.

PS: Anyone else feel like getting excited about a Spring/Summer line to come while it's still July is a bit bizarro (especially since Fall goodies have barely begun to hit stores)?

PPS: Click on the main graphic for the big version.

PPPS: Anyone want to stake out Bryant Park with me on Sept. 5? I'll be dressed as a rhododendron. You can pick the flora of your choice.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Channeling: Harold

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Just like Lolita, Harold and Maude is one of those things that makes you think that love can transcend age--until you snap out of that literary daydream and realize, "Oh god. Eeeww". To counter the heebie-jeebies you might get from the post-coital bubble-blowing scene, take a looksee at Harold's style. Take a cue from Mr. GILF with sweaters, scarves and heavy jackets in thick fabrics.

Trench: Karen Walker
Bloody boys T: Built by Wendy
Blazer: Topshop
Highwaisted jeans: Topshop

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Waterloo Tees

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So let's count, shall we? Number One: They're Argentinian. Hot. Number Two: Hot Argentinians model their lovely wares. Double hot. Number Three: Besides having incredible taste in music, they're also connoisseurs of the movies: Big Fish, A Clockwork Orange, Amelie, and Amores Perros? Yes, please. Number Four: Their girl tees aren't that ubiquitous American Apparel classic-T thing that you see ever single t-shirt you've ever ordered off of anywhere made of. It's got a cute scoop neck and capped sleeves. And Number Five: It's like getting vintage 70's rock tees, but without the hours of flipping through thrift store racks, the crusty smell and the questionable stain by the collar that really, you'd rather not think too hard about. Buy yours at Waterloo (you dear readers get 10% by entering "prettylegit" at checkout. Oh,and don't forget to say hello to Fabricio for me ;)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Inspired By: Men's Runways

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If I were a man, I'd dress exactly like the Versace S/S 08 runway show. Something about having only slim fitted suits, satin ties, crisp button downs, buttery brogues and knit tops (in a myriad of colors, natch) is so appealing, especially when I remember the landfill of prints, cuts and pieces that I call my closet. Unfortunately, last time I checked, I had boobs instead of an Adam's Apple, and my budget can't even afford a Versace branded sock let alone the entire line. But, I can edit my wardrobe to include color-rich pieces in slim cuts and classic silhouettes.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Current Threads: Date with Harry Potter

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I don't know what your plans for the evening are, but this college sophomore is definitely dressing up in her best Goblet of Fire costume and hitting the local bookstore with her friends (dressed as a Whomping Willow, a Mirror of Erised, and a Basilisk Fang, natch) for the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. And on a sidenote--if any of you think it might be funny to post spoilers and whatever in the comments section, I will personally Avada Kedavra your ass. Thank you.

Top: Target laundry basket with stick on jewels and gold spray paint
Tights: We Love Color Lurex glitter tights in Gold
Shoes: Steve Madden

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fresh Junk: Paper-bag Waist Skirts

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For someone as morbidly and embarrassingly broke as I am, it's really NOT a good idea to be working in an environment where you're "forced" to look at more runway shows and NET-A-PORTER items than you have time for. It's a weird sort of torture to be working with thousand dollar pieces and go home to dine on Raman and Cinnamon Toast Waffles. Case in point: this GORGEOUS silk skirt from Prada that's been popping up on Satorialist girls since last winter (as well as a cute Alexander Wang that I've been coveting). I tried to recreate this look by bunching up a skirt that's a few sizes to big with a belt, but all it did was make me look like I had a cottage cheese ass. This Topshop skirt is a few steps down from the Prada, but considering my bank account, this might have to do.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fresh Junk: Monochromatic a la Anne Valerie Hash

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Back in high school, before the Student Council kicked me off its team (I seemed to had forgotten that a 50% attendence record wasn't exactly something they looked for in a member), I helped organize our school's Homecoming spirit week. Amidst the student favorites such as pajama day (yawn), college day (ho hum) and Hawaiian day (...), I managed to rally up enough support for a monochromatic day. Oh, glorious readers, I can't tell you how much fun it was to dress up that morning and put on a pair of yellow tights underneath a yellow sundress, and top it off with yellow Wellies, a yellow tote and a lovely patterned yellow houndstooth scarf. It was too bad that the majority of kids didn't bother, or couldn't bother with this theme ("monochromatic...is that like robot clothes or something?"). You can imagine my excitement that the head to toe look is gracing the couture shows. And I completely agree with StyleBubble's latest post on Anne Valerie Hash' 07-08 F/W Haute Couture collection--this trend is far too delicious to stay on the runways.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Roadtesting Trends: The Turban

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Now that I've accepted my newfound skills as a badass domestic goddess (dudes, I totally waxed the floor today, reupholstered a couch, AND read Domino magazine), I thought that I might as well start dressing like one. When I first saw the turban on the Prada runway, I actually laughed. But months down the road, and after being inured to its Suzie-housemaker look, I actually kind of like it. It keeps the hair away from my face when I'm tacking on the fabric from beneath the couch, and it totally mopped up the sweat from my brow when I was mopping up the spilt tequila from the floor. Try it yourself with tips from last month's Jane.

Sidenote? I'm going to miss you so much, Janey babe. Why you gotta leave me?

(Edit: I just realized that you can't actually read the steps. First, find a longish scarf. Second, tie the scarf on the front of your head, then crisscross the ends and tuck them into the sides.)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mad Delusions: Dries Van Noten Glitter Shoes

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I have this weird habit of buying shoes that I later notice on geriatric types (usually worn with Blueblocker sunglasses and a walker). Even though I never check out a pair of loafers and go "GOD I hope Ethel has these too", it's become frequent enough that I've decided to (reluctantly) acknowledge that it's one of my style quirks. I'm curious to see which blue-haired devil has enough cajones to rock these puppies, but the flat wide heel, the elastic white panel, mid 90's silhouette and the glitter (the glitter!) has me quite excited. Too bad the 110 pound price tag is still too steep for me--otherwise I'd be the hottest senior citizen wannabe this side of Florida.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What's What: According to Fall Color Trends

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I fell upon this lovely site while trolling the internet for fall fashion trends for work (lucky me, I know). While their style and trend predictions are fascinating, what I was most interested in were the color forecasts. While I don't understand how colors can be "ambivilent" or "thoughtful", I do agree that they're definately earthy, dramatic, and soooo my cup of tea. It's just a more muted hop away from the mustards and cobalts of this summer, which is nice, because I didn't want to pack up my collection of colored tights anyway.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fresh Junk: Justice D.A.N.C.E. t-shirts

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I finally saw the video for one of my favorite tunes to drunken dance to, and while the whole thing reeks of hiptard, I couldn't help but drool over some of the T-shirts. To my delight and horror, I found out that yes, indeed, you could buy some of the T-shirts at Colette and We Sold Out, but I guess I jumped on this wagon too late and I couldn't find them anywhere. Woe, I know. Tender the pain by watching the video again (and again).

Friday, July 6, 2007

Channeling: Transformers

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Is anyone else as excited about the new Transformers as I am? Really, I've been singing that "robots in disguise" song for weeks now. And, instead of channeling my obsession towards pissing my roommates off (sorry Will and Sarah), I've instead focused on directing it more important things. Like clothing. So, if you're into, you know, dressing up for midnight showings and whatnot, make sure you embrace the whole plastic, hot robot thing. To pull it off, consider the following:

Kurt Geiger shoes
Topshop skirt
Forever21 camisole
Ksubi sunglasses

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Check the Hottie: Moderniteter

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Ok. I've really tried, but this is it. I made a silent vow to myself after maxing out my credit card (again) that I would refrain from buying anything for the next month. And so that’s how it’s been for the past few weeks: amazing poplin dress on Telegraph? “Must not look, must keep walking...” Oh so completely necessary white brogues in storefront window? “Fuck, keep walking...” Grey knee high stockings? “Eeeeerrrr I need a drink.” But then today at work, I saw this lovely blog Moderniteter. And damnit, the fiscal fast stops now, because this creature of style has convinced me that yes, that poplin dress / white brogues / grey stockings are meant to be mine. Sorry Visa, I can’t help it.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Celebrate Good Times: 4th of July

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Why is the fourth one of my favorite holidays? It could be that I enjoy celebrating the day with close friends and family. It could be that I feel it is my duty to celebrate the founding of the most successful political experiments in the modern world. Or, really, it could be that I relish any day that I can skip a day of work. Don't feel guilty about lounging around in your swimsuit all day, and definitely don't forget to spray on the bugspray before heading out to catch the fireworks. What's on my agenda? Hamburgers, hotdogs and Coronas-oh my!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Light Graffiti

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Ok, so this post doesn't have to do so much with fashion (ok, so it doesn't have to do with fashion at all), but it does have everything to do with mad style. Something about this rogue temporary tagging excites me--enough so that I think I'm going on a short light graffiti jaunt when the sun goes down. Wish me luck!

How to do it (according to the lichtfaktor, the artist above):

Tools: A small collection of flashlights, biking-lights and flashing LED, camera, tripod
Steps: The exposure should be around 10-30 sec. Stay in front of the camera and do your writing. To not overexpose, set the camera to about iso100, and close your aperture as much as possible. if there is still too much light you might have to use a nd-filter.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Fresh Junk: Erin Featherstone for Target Go International

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Oh Erin Featherstone, why do you taunt me with your ruffles and frills when you know that I am on a strict college budget? How did you know that I would totally become a Bridget Bardot impersonator if I had the boobs and the hair to do so? And how did you find out that I'm getting kind of neon-tired and am seriously on the hunt for some stand-out pieces in black and red? And Erin? Did you go hunting through my receipts and saw that I just bought the cutest pair of black MaryJanes? Huh, Erin?

(All kidding aside, I think this collection will prove to be a goldmine in fattening up your business-casual section of your wardrobe--although I could do without the thermal leggings).

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Channeling: M.I.A.

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I'm glad to see my girl M.I.A. getting some love on teh interweb (here and here). I remember munching on Cinnamon Toast Waffles while watching TRL one afternoon (it was a slow day) and some painfully trendy VJ introduced some Sri Lanken artist who was obviously way too cool and ahead of her time for the pubescent TRL audience to pay attention to. Anyways, I was fascinated by her neon windbreakers, colorful MSPaint-y background and great display of awkward dancing. Try it yourself with sequined layers, latex leggings and graphic tees. As for the awkward dancing? Think "treading water"/"Native American rain-dancing" to a reggae beat.