Monday, June 11, 2007

Really Obsessed With: Dolce Vita Jazz Shoes

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I'm afraid that the time I'm taking to locate the perfect jazz shoe is going to lapse the time they're spending in the spotlight, but, like so many other trends, you can either wear it well (and look like a page out of Vogue) or wear it not so well (and look like a page out of TeenBop). I thought I might be able to go the cheap route and score a pair of authentics from Payless, but their kids' department jazz shoes were wide, fat, and crazy awkward. I might have to shell out a hundred or so for these lovelies from Dolce Vita (I'm thinking gold?).


Anna said...

H&M has been selling black and white pairs too and look pretty comfortable!

That Student said...

I don't know if you've bought a pair yet, but shopbop has the dolce vita ones on sale for $69...a much better price than $138.

Anonymous said...

yeah i just brought these in black for 19.99 from urban outfitters. they're realy amazing shoes