Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mad Delusions: I Love Curls Hoodie

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I was hellof stressed about my outfit on the first day of work (it's gotta be professional but hot, and trendy yet original) but finally (after three hours standing half naked in front of my closet), I settled on a black v neck dress (worn backwards), cobalt blue tights, and my black boots. While it fit all the above categories, it did NOT fit the weather. SF decided to be windy and freezing and absolutely miserable. I sooo wish I had this fur lined I Love Curls hoodie so I wouldn't have been a freakin' chatter monster as I waited for the subway.


Candid Cool said...

your outfit sounds cool

lc said...

is the hoodie reversible? it looks like it from the website.

and, um, hello? did you see the SEQUINED one??!

Anonymous said...

you mean waited for BART?
SF weather is tricky, but the outfit sounds cute!

connie said...

Yup, BART (but not everyone knows what BART is, and comments about me waiting for an all capitalized man named Bart would have been too weird).