Friday, June 8, 2007

Just Purchased: Marc for MJ Extravaganza

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Buuuhhhh ugggauuuuhhh dddeejefimmm sdlkfjjfjjeeeeeekkj llsiejjfff sliuuuee clkjjs aaaaaaa gggooooogggguuuuuhhhhh aaaaaakeeeee iffftteeeeeee mmaaaarrrrrccc jaaaacccccooobbbbbbbb maarrrryryyy meeeee? duh*

*Translated: Apologies for not being able to speak, but headed over to the new MJ store on Fillmore and came home with much more than I thought I was going to. Marc Jacobs? Why you gotta be so amazing?

$60 - A BACKPACK? It's a lovely plush plum cordoroy and actually really really cute.
$20 - London taxi t-shirt
$25 - Savannah thermal
$1.50 - Lipstick pen
$5 - Gold leather keyloop
$1.85 - Bandaid holder
$18 - Gold wallet
$5 - Heart compact
$10 - London tote
$12 - MJ tote


Anonymous said...

OMG i didnt know marc jacob was inexpensive!!!

Candid Cool said...

wow, i wouldn't have expected it to be!

Jamie said...

Great stuff Connie! I'm loving the London taxi tee.

Victoria said...

Haha I have the mirror in silver, the pen, the bandaid thing, and the London tote. Good taste!

megan said...

ooh! i picked up the pen, heart compact, and MJ tote last week...they're all so cute. i actually use the MJ tote to go shopping and stuff, in place of receiving things in plastic bags.

Anonymous said...

Is the backpack Marc Jacobs,too?

connie said...

Yup--it comes in a couple shades of purple, and a nice virgin white.

Anonymous said...

love the backpack!
want one!

Anonymous said...

were did you buy these
at the marc jacobs store?
or somewhere else
i absolutly love them

Stephanie said...

kay so you know that thing thats all dhsdjdhdas at the beginning? well i did that after i was half done the list. in-freakin-credible.